Toca Life World Mod APK 1.87.1 (Unlock All, Characters, Furniture, House, Gift)

MOD Unlock All, Characters, Furniture, House, Gift
Capacity 520MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.87.1

Toca life World MOD APK is an extremely fun and attractive design game with realistic and sharp cartoon graphics. There will be many new things waiting for you to discover. And now let’s explore the overview of this game!

Download Toca Life Mod World MOD – An extremely new design and construction game on mobile


As I mentioned above, this is a game that mainly designs, decorates houses, amusement parks and shopping areas, ..v.v. As for the character, you can customize the character according to your own style from hairstyle, skin color, appearance.

If you’ve ever played this game, you probably know that if you want to own a house, an amusement park, or an interior, it will take a rather large fee to unlock. This is natural because it is a contribution to help game publishers have some income to improve the game, But for young people who have not been able to make money, this will be very difficult, so I have been looking for a Toca Life MOD version that unlocks everything, houses, amusement parks, furniture, characters right from the download. Your job is to play and enjoy it.

The gameplay in the game Toca Life World MOD – Super attractive game

With a simple interface design so that you can easily play and get acquainted with the game in the fastest way, By swiping and touching on the screen, it is extremely easy, right?

The amusement parks in Toca life:

  • School: this place has a lot of friends, teachers, the classrooms are beautifully designed and clean.
  • Park: It can be said that this is the place with the most entertainment spots, do not miss this place.
  • Game entertainment area: There are thousands of games from strange to familiar to explore, I entered here and had to spend a lot of time there to get out because all are attractive games.

Graphics and sound of the game Toca Life Mod

Excellent is the word to describe the shortest, because there is no way to describe it anymore, With 2D animation design, unlike today’s 3D and 4D games, but it has its own interesting point that you need to experience. only to see what the truth is. As for the sound, it is diverse, each zone will have a variety of different sounds coming from music players, game consoles or TVs…etc. A series of lively sounds are put into the player’s ears, helping to relax after stressful days of study and work.


Why spend money to play the original version when you can play Toca Life MOD for free at KHUMOD, right? If you still don’t know how to download, see the following steps:

Step 1: Scroll down to the bottom of this article, there will be a green section with a download arrow, click on it. This game is 820MB.

Step 2: After clicking on it, an ad may appear, press the X to close or watch the ad for a while to support the website.

Step 3: Scroll down and wait for the link to be ready, click it to download, there will be two options: MOD V1 and MOD V2. Download the version you want (if you ask for permission to download, press OK).

Step 4: After the download is complete, see the toolbar above or below the phone, click on the downloaded file to open and click on the word install.

Step 5: Wait for the installation to complete, open the game and experience it, wish you success!

What features does this MOD version have?

MOD Unlocked all characters, interiors, houses and play areas.

Note: Remove the original Toca Life game from your device before installing this MOD, and remember to set up your phone to allow downloading and installing applications of unknown origin.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 2 years trước

Share by: Kẻ Vô Danh

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