8 Ball Pool MOD

8 Ball Pool MOD APK 5.14.5 (Menu, Long Line, Mega Hit)

MOD Menu, Long Line, Mega Hit
Capacity 80MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 5.14.5

Nowadays, a sports game using fighting sticks is gaining everyone’s attention. Do you know what type of game we are talking about? It’s 8 ball pool, a very popular billiard shooting game on mobile. With a playing style similar to real-life billiards. This game right when it was first introduced received the attention and following of many people. In recent days, the number of downloads has increased tremendously. It’s because of the flawless success of the miniclip maker. Com. Until now. This 8 ball pool game has more than 500 million downloads. A terrible number for a gameplay on a mobile platform. Players from all over the world are fighting this game. We quickly changed the mod. so that users achieve the most joyful playing moment.

Download 8 Ball Pool MOD APK – Super attractive billiards player game

8 ball pool modvui

The 8 ball pool mods at KHUMOD have 5 different levels of play for you to experience. The chain will not be fully unlocked from the start. You should overcome challenges, complete certain tasks. At the same time, it is at the procedural level. Only then can you unlock all the game modes. Each mode will have its own pleasure problem. Don’t be sad when entering the game there is only one game mode. Let’s go through it step by step. Overcome each challenge of the game. Each user match will have a certain amount of money. for the ability to join the competition, as a reward for the winner. The billiards match will occur between two opposing users. Only one of the two winners achieves the prize money. The loser will lose the amount of money he or she deposited from the beginning. This is the inspiration for users to strive for more complete resistance. So what are you hesitating about? Download this game to your computer now to fight with other players around the world right away.

Necessary items

Sticks and lack of care are two key, must-have items for players. Game 8 Ball Pool’s stick system is very rich. Many sticks have sophisticated construction and unique motifs. Set this game apart from other gameplay of the same type. Collection, country, standard, victory. These are sticks with a very eye-catching design. You won’t need to brush off often when using these sticks. Pay attention to the energy of each stick. When there are notifications that the stick is about to run out of energy. Please quickly recharge at the right time. so that the next shots can happen most accurately. You can buy clubs with coins and it’s not too expensive. Try to win and earn a lot of money to get the rights to the clubs you like.

8 ball pool modvui

Diverse game modes

There are up to 5 different game modes for you to explore. Each mode has its own unique features. Play special, play with friends, play offline, Play 9 ball, play 1vs1. These are the game modes I’m talking about. Do you want to practice and compete with other players? Playing 1vs1 couldn’t have been a more appropriate decision. When you see your friends also playing this game. You can invite acquaintances to play with you in play with friends mode. In this mode, you can compete and compete with your friends. Show them your skillful shooting ability. As for the remaining 3 modes, I will not mention them specifically in this information. Please download our version to learn about the most interesting points.

Prize money for whoever wins

In the 8 ball pool, the winner will become the recipient of all rewards. The defeated person will lack absolutely nothing. So in any match you have to try your best to win. Super valuable rewards. Coins, cues, spin and win, lucky shot,… these are all super valuable rewards only for the winners. There are 2 methods to receive. One is a reward between two users who contract together. 2 is a gift that the chain gives to the winner. Try your best to win to get valuable rewards.
This 8 ball pool game is a playground for those who like billiards. It’s a mobile gameplay. Users are more likely to download and play games anytime, anywhere. Most modes require cellular communication to operate. Even when there is no network, offline mode still gives you great experiences. Such an engaging game is 100% free. Download 8 ball pool and have fun playing billiards with your friends.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 2 years trước

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