City Defense MOD APK 2.0.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Money
Capacity 145MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.0.0

City Defense revolves around what must be done in urban defense. The game is a casual game, with levels of play. What must be done by the person accompanying the police to limit the crowd. They are truly reactionary people moving deep into the center. Ensure the city is under control and maintain stability for all residents.

The gameplay of the game takes place in the way of defending the castle. With many challenges waiting ahead. You should mobilize organizations in the police team to do their duty together. Only when the reactionary is defeated is it possible to commit to security and order.

Download City Defense MOD – lead the police to stop the rebels!

The reactionaries are approaching on the urban pedestrian streets. They are built in the image of a red stickman. With a large crowd, there can be differences at the same time. The goal of those evil people is to take over the city. To prevent their plans from coming true. You are required to direct individual police with many organizations that are provided with their own weapons.

Form a last line of defense to resist the approaching mob. Based on that, the police are built with an image in the style of green stickman. They should not let the enemy go far beyond the line behind them.

Defend the city from rebel mobs

Defend the city from rebel mobs at each level. Approve a sequence of tasks to be done with steadily increasing difficulty. At each level, a walking street into the center of your city is revealed. You should recruit armed police agencies for protection. Prevent rebellion by attacking everyone with the goal of total victory. Don’t let any rebel get too far past the defense line to reach the finish line. Along with that, you will receive a title commensurate with your level of participation.

Use energy to recruit

The process of recruiting police agencies in city defense should pay attention to energy. Each unit must consume energy unevenly to be able to recruit. Special forces soldiers who prepare guns that can be fired from a distance with a large amount of damage will consume three times more than regular soldiers. It doesn’t end there, you still have 2 energy available to use the wall to block the road. Form a defense layer to limit rebellion in a short period of time.

Too many differences when reaching a new level

Since completing a level, the defense path will be pushed further. The distance for rebel troops to break into the city center will be farther than before. However, coming to the next level, the difficulty will increase with many changes. The challenge from the rebels will be greater than before. Presented through the volume of attacks on larger cities. Also reinforced by armed rebels.

They use weapons or items to attack the police officers on duty. Causing the city’s last line of defense to potentially crumble. If this happens, it will also mean your assignment is lost.

Bonus received

The reward received after each level of urban defense is gold coins. The amount of money will be commensurate with the difficulty of the assigned job. And your convenience when practicing in favorable rotation. Based on that, on one spin, the boxes with the bonus amount are multiplied, x3, x4 and culminating in x5. From the touch to end the spin, if the needle points to the corresponding box. From the amount received at the completed level, it will be multiplied.

To be able to overcome enemy attacks in later levels at city defense. In addition to carrying out plans that are wise and appropriate to the context. We still need to raise the level of police officers to develop their abilities. Based on that, soldiers holding batons will be provided with additional protective helmets when reinforced. Or special forces soldiers holding guns will be provided with additional armor.

In addition, each upgrade not only helps police organizations be provided with more items. But it increases the amount of damage created and the amount of blood is larger. Along with that, the fence will be extended for a longer time from the time of renovation to prevent rebels from crossing over.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 3 weeks trước

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