City Racing 3D Mod APK 5.9.5082 (Unlimited Money)

MOD Unlimited Money
Capacity 50MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 5.9.5082

If you need to find a racing game on mobile phones, then City Racing 3D is a worthy decision. It is matchmaking as the best 3d racing game till now and has attracted countless gamers around the world into it. It has many of the most famous racing modes, including other and multiplayer modes. Therefore, we will be able to demonstrate our driving skills and speed in racing with many opponents. In addition, the game offers a unique set of racing cars and maps. You can choose, customize, and upgrade your vehicle at your convenience and take it anywhere from elegant Tokyo to Chicago, London and beyond. Don’t hesitate to release your throttle to the maximum to become the fastest racer and lead the leaderboard.

Download City Racing 3D MOD APK – street racing style with 3d images

This City Racing 3D takes racing gameplay to a new level with authentic 3D structures and ultra-realistic physical driver solution platform. It is committed to providing you with the most brutal racing tracks, where you have the ability to race with many players on beautiful high-speed streets. No need to pay attention to traffic or rules, signs and police, this racetrack is yours and the best drivers. A simple driver solution platform will help you quickly become familiar. However, don’t be reckless because there is no limit to your level of achievement. Race faster, get better achievements and bigger bonuses. This game will make you try harder than any other racetrack before.

Explore many unique unique modes

Until now, the game has 4 most characteristic modes. In career mode, it includes a series of racing levels from easy to difficult with lots of fun assigned tasks. We share drivers to complete challenges, progress over time and hunt for loot that can upgrade your car. Meanwhile, in 1v1 mode, you will play with a random opponent or your friend. You need to race faster than your opponent to win number 1 on each track. Furthermore, in time trials mode, your goals are time and progress. You should race as fast as possible to pass checkpoints within a limited time.
On the track, you can control your car by tilting the screen left or right. At the same time, you have the ability to control the vehicle speed with the accelerator pedal and nitro tank. When the nitro tank is full, you should use it to accelerate and overtake your opponent. However, you should not use nitro on dangerous turns because you will not be able to easily control the speed and steering. Meanwhile, the end of the race is the best time to accelerate and increase the rate of defeating opponents. At the same time, on the track, there are many different items to help. You can pick up boosters or gold coins. It’s for the results of your trip.

Customize racing cars, develop map limits

City racing 3d game offers you many options for racing cars. Traditional to modern racing cars from famous brands are here for you to drive on the track. What’s more, you have the ability to customize your vehicle with many versions from paint colors to stickers and alternative accompanying products. Don’t hesitate to visit the upgrade section and customize the turbo engine or other specifications and help change the numbers of your car. Those numbers include progress, acceleration, processing power and more. The higher these indexes are, the better the results achieved. For that reason, we will be able to gain the upper hand on all practical races.

Not to mention, the most famous racetracks in five continents are also available to unlock during your racing journey. We will be able to race around the most dynamic cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Masacao, Hawaii and more. Each location has its own scenes and tracks specifically built with dynamic day and night climate effects. So, you can feel like you’re cruising around the world on your favorite car. However, remember, you always have different challenges in each area. Try to overcome them and become the most famous racer on the planet.

Authentic construction, smooth effects

There seems to be no point in complaining about the visual value of this game. It is built on a 3D imaging platform, providing clear and accurate images. Photos of racing cars are described in detail, accompanied by typical engine sounds of each type of car. Meanwhile, the scene of the racetrack will surprise you with its high level of detail. You can see buildings, roads, signs, traffic lights and more. Every movement of the car on your track is also extremely smooth.

So, why don’t you hesitate any longer and download City Racing 3D to your phone right away? This is an opportunity to experience an exciting racing trip with many modern car models and explore global landmarks.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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