Coin Master MOD APK 3.5.1611 (Menu, Send unlimited cards, Unlock all card collections)

MOD Menu, Send unlimited cards, Unlock all card collections
Capacity 72MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 3.5.1611

General introduction to Coin Master MOD APK

Coin master allows users to create their own village through lottery and looting. I think you still haven’t forgotten the game Pirate Kings was once famous and then discontinued. Moon active creates a similar version but with many changes to escape the mistakes of the previous version. Your main task is to make the pirate village the strongest. When you become the highest person, you will be given the power to rule and prevent others from destroying your property. Coin master mod is expected by users because of its attractive functions. Building a village will be simpler when you install it. Our speed will surpass the opponent’s, making it impossible for them to catch up.

Users can go through time in coin master. Do you feel attractive yet? Visit magical locales, you should fight hard. What is the typical example you aim for? warrior, emperor, leader or a powerful pirate. Complete the assigned work well on this trip and later become the person you want.

Download Coin Master MOD APK – create your pirate village

Coin master is famous in many countries in a short period of time. But in fact, it has not been destroyed by the continuous innovations of the manufacturer. Users never have to stay behind the trend as updates are constantly being updated. Now let’s find out what functions this game has.

Dial the number to receive items

You can get money when you spin a coin or gold plated coin. Money will help you make your village bigger and stronger. Not only that, dialing also helps users receive screens to ensure safety against those who want to destroy your village. In the original version, the number of spins will be limited, but when using coin master with the mod feature, you can spin as fast as you can to get the items you need. Let’s make the village an impregnable place.

Attack and plunder other players

Not only taking care of your own place, you also need to collect information from other pirate villages. Dialing cannot accept your increased needs. Find the items you need in another village then loot them. Additionally, review anyone who has raided your village in the past and then find a solution to take revenge to regain what was lost. There are times when the things you steal will surprise you.

Collect the cards

Don’t pass up any cards. It could potentially be treasure. Search and store each card to shape your own deck. Proceed to the next village, great victories await you. Be the one that stands out the most to your friends.
The suspicion is related to the coin master

How to hatch a tiger?

Tiger has an important role in the game, it helps increase the amount of coins and attack a person. But actually to unlock tiger at first you should complete the beasts card collection. That is the only condition to receive tiger.

How many villages are there in coin master?

As of today’s version, the number of villages in the game is 221. It is likely that in the near future this number will increase. Please see the information for updates.

How long does it take to complete a village?

Each level requires a different criminal record. The higher the level, the larger the payout.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 8 months trước

Share by: Kẻ Vô Danh

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