Cookie Cats Blast MOD APK 1.41.1 (Unlimited Money, Max Level, Free Shopping)

MOD Unlimited Money, Max Level, Free Shopping
Capacity 121MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.41.1

Cookie Cats Blast is a puzzle game based on the story. Information surrounding the recovery of stolen cookies. Based on that, we will combine with ziggy, rita, belle and smokey. Join them in chasing the thief through the areas to get back the cookies that were taken away. Approval of play levels occurs with explicit calls. Here you do not need to be connected to the internet, because you will be able to play in offline mode. Support items are available to deal with the torment during the puzzle process. At the same time, you can learn about a wonderfully beautiful fantasy world. Built with attractive graphics with clear image value. And a series of joyful sounds.

Download Cookie Cats Blast MOD – solve the puzzle of stolen cookies

The situation is evoked in a huge fantasy world, in a vibrant residential area with the presence of a thief. He took all the cookies and disappeared. However, following the footprints left on the ground, you will see the trail where the thief passed. Based on that, we will combine with Rita, Belle, Ziggy and Smokey at the beginning of the scary game. The assigned task is to get the number of dead cookies through the puzzle levels. Here the objects are built with images in an active style. They have a special color with a cheerful appearance. Based on that, each subject was forced to recognize the cookie as the same color as their body.

Go beyond levels

Follow the trail through the streets to chase the thief and get the cookies back. Forced to immerse yourself in too many different levels to do the mission. At each level, a puzzle is revealed in a square format, divided into squares. In each such square is a cookie with different colors and symbols. Includes red, pink, green and blue cookies. Many other cookies will be revealed when reaching new areas. By playing puzzle games, you should choose at least 2 or more cookies of the same type. Ability to select horizontally or vertically on square format.

Quest series

Should complete the explicit condition suggested by the chain. This is because you get enough cookies with the specified color. For example, 5 pink cakes and 10 red cakes. There are many other things to do that will be revealed after reaching new levels. Similar to other puzzle-type games. For each assigned task, there is a limit to the number of times you can practice solving the puzzle. After each time you do the behavior, there will be one less turn. To be able to complete a level, the specified number of cookies must be captured before the end of the turn.

Achievements and rewards

Your achievements during the mission will be described through your score, also evaluated through the number of stars, maximum 3 stars. Approve each decision of cookies of the same type to record, the score will be higher and higher. When you reach the score, you will definitely receive a star. Even the score still has a chance to increase even more even if you complete the request. Based on that, the remaining turns will automatically turn into boosters. From there create sets to increase scores. If you successfully complete the task you will get 3 stars. The reward received is gold coins. The amount of money will be commensurate with the achievements at the level of play.

Shape outstanding cookies

To the ability to overcome difficult puzzles at better levels of play. Ability to create your own outstanding cookies through a large selection of cookies in advance. On the next turn, you have the ability to choose a cookie that stands out from other cookies of the same type. Create sets with many different measures. In addition, there is also the ability to proactively use help items. Includes a choice of any cookie with a square top. Use boosters to take all the cookies vertically. Or take all the cookies horizontally. However, you should be careful, the sponsored items are in small quantities.

Scary outsiders join the cookie cats blast to recover the stolen cookies. There is also the ability to enter a challenge game mode to compete with others. Based on that, you are forced to connect with the network, from which you also have the ability to compete with acquaintances. Solve puzzles with them to find the person with the better achievement score. Winning against your opponent not only helps you prove your ability. But it can rise up the rankings.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 4 months trước

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