Cover Fire MOD APK 1.27.02 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo, Immortality, Unlimited Money, One Hit,…)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Ammo, Immortality, Unlimited Money, One Hit,…
Capacity 330MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.27.02

You need to find an online shooting game on mobile. Cover fire will become the optimal choice that you need to try. The game allows you to play the role of the most advanced warriors. Fight to defend your territory from fierce enemies and zombies. Join your comrades in fighting against the attacks. This is the best online shooting game in the business area. With many different game modes. We will not be dependent on customizing the mode and immerse ourselves in large and small firefights on five continents.

A lot of energy is not enough, because the enemy’s people are so much stronger. Practice your weapon skills every day. Being able to combine your playing style with your acquaintances is super smooth. to promote capabilities and strategies more regularly. Create a powerful fighting army. Destroy the enemy’s lair.

Download Cover Fire MOD – gunfight to resist the forces of darkness

Join cover fire to complete tasks according to useful story content. Feel the difference between objects to complete the story content. for major battles of vital importance. You need to use advanced weapons to be able to win. This place has a unique gameplay style compared to other shooting games.

HD images will let users undergo authentication. Much clearer compared to other backgrounds. The photo is not broken or blurred. There are many different areas where users can join the battle. You won’t get bored playing with friends in one mode. It’s great to explore many different landscapes. There are also many possibilities to immerse yourself in extremely interesting battles. Many mysterious stories are waiting for users ahead. Committed to giving users ideal feelings.

How to play dramatic gunfights

The main gameplay method lacks too many differences compared to popular shooting games today. Famous games often call for high abilities. Cover Fire MOD is similar. Each battle presented is a challenge that you need to overcome. Control your audience wisely. Hide behind objects and fences. Wait for the opportunity when you see the enemy coming, try to destroy them. Defeat the enemy and we will receive all the items and weapons that he has copyrighted. Therefore, try to eliminate as many enemies as possible.

Combat weapons

The new levels significantly increase the difficulty in the cover fire mod. so that users have the ability to explore and experience unusual things. Reach the glorious peak, breaking the limits that this version creates. Weapons of war are items needed to be used in any battle. Invest in your target with the strongest weapons and items. It has extremely large attack power and has the ability to wipe out enemies in the blink of an eye.

You cannot win in gunfights if you only have powerful weapons. To achieve victory in terms of books, use the abundant energies of your comrades as well. Users need to have quick and clever weapon application skills in combination with their comrades. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon type. That will help maximize your abundant energy source.

Graphics construction

Not only in terms of playing style, Cover Fire MOD also has a 3D image background that is never inferior to games of the same type. Providing users with a more interesting, authentic and eye-catching experience. That is also a topic of how to play fps in the game. With a high frame rate that is clearly expressed and super noisy. Your enemies are built with vivid images. However, they still retain their own horror nature.

The moving image of the fired bullet is also very accurate to reality. Creates the basis for wars to break out. Object movements are responsive and precise. Users do not notice any electric shock or lag during games. The sound value in the game is really great. When you wear the headset, you feel like you are playing the role of a real game object.

Overview About the Game

Cover Fire’s heat is undeniable. It evokes climactic and exciting gunfights. Drive your target to fight quickly. Hide behind walls to eliminate enemies. Prepare the highest items, weapons and armor for your target. When leveling up, you need to adjust the attack and defense abilities of your warriors. Adapting to the new environment, users need to gradually become familiar. You can’t just jump in, at that point you will be ambushed and attacked by the enemy. There are still too many interesting points, waiting for users to join to learn.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 month trước

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