Diner DASH Adventures MOD APK 1.53.2 (Unimited Money, Win Full Stars)

MOD Unimited Money, Win Full Stars
Capacity 108MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.53.2

You are really a fan of recipe money cooking games and you want to test the possibilities of making new dishes across Europe many dishes are the results. When you make them, you are exactly another artist, or another person who is a good cook. Experience the truly enjoyable cooking process. The Diner DASH Adventures game is a place to cook dishes you may or may not know, like many dishes in a very new way. Arrange and immerse yourself in the aroma of the dishes. We share that this place is surrounded by true joy and fun

Download Diner DASH Adventures MOD – cooking game

Joining so many players, it’s likely that we can share our acquaintances in this place. You become the experienced cook you always dreamed of. Trang is the raw material, cooks food and serves dishes from around the world at the restaurant you have. When you are famous, there may be opponents who want to crush you at that time without you paying attention. However, you should fight to get what you want. Friends and citizens around the area will help you. That’s why let’s go with me to a place of excellence.
The role is a girl named Flo. After spending some time away from her hometown of Dinertown, she decided to return, but she received a blow when she saw her town severely polluted and vandalized. At that time, Cookie’s friend saw her return and he was very happy. He told her the reason why the town became the way it is now. And there is his wish for her to help the town return to its former beautiful appearance. After knowing everything, she decided to build and restore her town, come and help her.

The reason for the wilderness, turning a youthful, sunny place into a dark place is because of the presence of the destructive couple Mr. Largely, they tried to destroy the town. Ruined houses, streets, devastated vegetation… Around here there is a blindness of fire and ripeness, an absence of human darkness. However, the presence of the ban here will provide a ray of light to the town. Just make an effort to fight against their evil tactics. Let’s win Mr. Big, so that everyone is also scared.

Practice cooking skills

Your first step is to correct the restaurant route you created. This restaurant will supplement you with money so that you place conditions here. The game has levels ranging from easy to difficult. Your professional needs will be recognized through the changes of this place… Serve hungry people, including guests who are difficult to cooperate with to attract more people to the restaurant. Be as fast as possible to promptly respond to the timely dishes that diners request.

Practice your management and red fire skills to potentially have many other eateries around the area. And the dishes are really different, making the recipe even more interesting. If you consider cooking as an art, you will be able to control things without preventing them from thinking and exploring their own ways. Depending on your actions, we share openings in many different areas. Relive the shop’s buying and selling experience. A truly absolute ability that is too powerful to buy and resell!

The accompanying person gains energy

Joining with you is the guy who cooks – cookies. He will help you cook many dishes so you can give the finished products to customers. Report to you knowledge to help you increase sharing. Useful advice or publications from this guy will help you make more decisions. Regardless of the solutions, we encountered difficulties from Mr. Big is always looking for many ways for you to explore. But that’s okay, everyone here will always try their best to help you find the town as soon as possible.

Improved prioritization

To attract new customers, you are more likely to spend your money on food editing and equipment for your restaurant. Every customer who comes here will receive the most superior solution. Build the inside and outside decoration of the restaurant according to your preferences. Repaint shops, gardens, villas, explore… Rebuild the town. Many things you can do yourself.

Multi-colored clothes
Just try to complete the tasks that the game shows, and experience many skills, we can bring in many sharp production outfits. In the game, you also have the ability to take care of cute pets. Take care of them so they become more intimate devices with you, going a long way with you. Those songs are events that welcome big events like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year… waiting for you to come and find out.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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