Dragon Valley MOD APK 15.0 (Unlimited Money to Spend, Unlock New Mines)

MOD Unlimited Money to Spend, Unlock New Mines
Capacity 91MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 15.0

Have you ever thought about creating a great dragon island, come to Dragon Valley and do this today. This game is an area for you to search, get many unique dragon systems, create a dragon island and join the dragon battlefield. There are many different jobs for you to learn, along with attractive bonuses. With bonuses, you can freely unlock and customize dragon breeds.

We will see with our own eyes the development of the dragon, from the egg to create the great dragon. You also have the ability to transplant seeds to create new dragon species. And yet, don’t ignore the battles to consider the dragon’s skills and energy. That is the location where we will face many new dragon bosses.

Download Dragon Valley MOD – five mysterious and joyful dragon islands!

The gameplay style of the game is not too unusual and unknown. Because it was built using many projection games to create other dragon islands. It has dozens of fun functions that you need to explore. One of the many special features is the collection of dragons with many different species. So, you can create a huge dragon island here and freely admire it every day. Furthermore, the game allows you to level up and open endless islands. As long as you have enough gold coins, you have the ability to collect a total of information in the game.

Create a palace for the dragon

On your island, dragons are considered hard workers. Their job is to dig gold, move gold to warehouses and build palaces. We will see them working hard every day to create new palaces, repair architectural works and create a lot of gold in addition. Notably, each dragon species can have unique abilities that contribute to the creation process. Dragons with standard physical strength will be responsible for the creation. Thus, you are likely to have many beneficial dragons in your hands to create a developed dragon island. Your island is likely to have ancient palaces, streams, gardens and more.

Unlock unique dragon chains

The dragon collection in this game is divided into different elemental systems. The model, is for water, fire, ice, wind, earth, magic and many more interesting things. Of course, each dragon type may have its own abilities. Each dragon also has an appearance and special technical effects. The game offers an extremely rich dragon system. You can freely unlock many new dragon species, or transplant the dragon yourself. Just choose the father and mother dragons, later we will create hybrid dragons. They often have a DNA copyright superior to that of their parents. Therefore, you can have new ages of dragons with lots of energy and ideal progress.

Furthermore, the dragon chain in Dragon Valley has many different levels of development. Their appearance and energy will gradually develop as they grow. At first, the little dragons will be wingless and only have a modest plumage. However, by the time they reach adulthood, they are true dragon warriors. They have large wings, tails, magnificent plumage and lots of excellent energy. You can also turn them into elite individuals with unique skins.

Idle battles

Besides creating the dragon island, remember that you also have dragon battles. Just by accessing the to-do chain, we will see battles with big bonuses. Your job is to form a dragon army with at least 3 warriors. Later, we will take them to the battlefield and defeat other monsters. In some difficult levels, you need to face a huge boss. Let’s send grown dragon warriors into battle instead of weak ones. More challenging battles are always waiting for you to overcome.

The photo is intimate and colorful

The world of Dragon Island is carefully described and appears pleasingly on the phone screen. It is a colorful and bright environment with abundant vitality. The dragons are built according to elemental themes. They have unique beauty and ability effects. Thereby, they create attractive battles on every field. Not only that, the background music with cheerful melodies also contributes significantly to your feeling. Enjoy this music as you explore and build the dragon island.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 3 weeks trước

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