Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK 52.9 (Unlimited money)

MOD Unlimited money
Capacity 150MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 52.9

Game Galaxy Attack : Alien shooter Mod allows users to immerse themselves in a fierce airship battle in the air. There will be battles between thousands of flying ships together. We will control our own spacecraft to move wisely. Dodge and attack the enemy. If you’ve ever played the great chicken shooting game, it’s hard to ignore this game. Has a play style similar to the chicken shooting game. However, in this gameplay we will be playing the role of planes that control our own spacecraft to attack other spacecraft. The age of the game shows us the time of the earth in about 2050. At present, human technology has progressed to the point of reaching the limit. Governments are at war with each other. In which the real combat weapons are spaceships flying in the air. Immerse yourself in fleet battle in the air right now.

Download Galaxy Attack : Alien Shooter MOD APK – super classic spaceship battle


Galaxy Attack : Alien Shooter MOD was first introduced in the technical phase 4.0 of rapid growth. It’s not inconceivable that this gameplay is said to have great visual value. Users will be very easily convinced by the attention of the spacecraft. In this merciless battle. You also have to fight these alien creatures of ours. Not only can they move quickly in space. But their outstanding super ability is likely to cause your spaceship to crash. Be careful when dealing with them. Many battles, many different difficulty levels for you to choose from. Having done what has to be done is to pass the stages. We will get a lot of bonuses and level up right away. The spaceships you have are all heavy combat weapons. Has great destructive power. However, when the number of enemies was too large, it was difficult to wipe out all the monsters.

Attractive play style

As I said in the first part, this gameplay is quite similar to the great chicken shooting game. Users can clearly see that through the images in this information. Simple gameplay for anyone who can get close and play the game smoothly. You just need to touch the screen to have more control over your spaceship. If you want to cross the road in any direction, pull your hand through that direction. Left , right , up , down all fine . The dynamic action helps your spaceship to dodge every shot from the enemy. The number of bullets that the spaceship has is never limited in this MOD version. You are more likely to leisurely attack the enemy without worrying about running out of ammo. The gameplay is simple, but it’s hard to win. face many different military enemies. You have to have clear plans to win them over.

Various types of spaceships in Galaxy Attack : Alien Shooter MOD


Right at the beginning of Galaxy Attack : Alien Shooter MOD we will only have one spaceship due to the distribution chain that does not take money. This spaceship is also one of the tallest fighters in the game. There are also many other types of spacecraft for users to feel. Each can have a different selling price. Normally, we will spend a long time plowing the country to buy a new spaceship. However for the lmhmoda mod. Com distribution. You have the highest probability of buying all the fighters. Create a richer, more valuable arsenal. You are more likely to invest in your own spaceship with outstanding weapons. Increases the attack power of your own fighter.

Vivid picture and sound

The image and sound of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD is extremely vibrant, more eye-catching than the crowded chicken shooting game. Create a super glamorous space for you to immerse yourself in the match. The male battleships are built in a unique and fancy way. I’m sure those who haven’t seen it yet. Only in this game you can experience the control of this battleship. It is attractive and enjoyable when paired with the lively sound of the game. Be careful when playing the game. The captivating gameplay style makes it easy to get addicted to it.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD gives users the most unique super airship battles. In the vast, vast space. Drive your own spaceship to move quickly. Attacks all enemies present on the screen. Be very careful with the presence of alien monsters. They transform unexpectedly, making you need to give up at any moment. Download galaxy attack the most unique super airship battle that never ends



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

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