Imposter 3D Mod APK v9.9.8 (Remove Ads, Disable Enemies, Free Rewards)

MOD Remove Ads, Disable Enemies, Free Rewards
Capacity 77MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 9.9.8

Come to Imposter 3D to go on a journey full of difficulties and challenges. This is a game of the behavioral game type. Get and solve puzzles, with not easy challenges. Here, we will join many other players. Do missions to free your comrades to help them stabilize. The game’s story revolves around astronauts in outer space. They were assaulted and trapped in the void ship. A rescue will be suggested, with the goal of getting your comrades out of that risky place. Surprising events and climaxes will be presented throughout the gameplay. Ask for your wise planning to execute rescue moves. At the same time, it determines the exact direction and milestones that need to be taken during the game.

Download Imposter 3D MOD APK – rescue astronauts bogged down on the spaceship

Based on the story content of the game Imposter 3D. The era is evoked in a spaceship in space. However, the power chain was damaged, so many things on the ship were lost in darkness. That makes your rescue mission even more difficult. Because you can’t see the path clearly, and your vision ahead is limited. Stand out, the presence of enemies, they will break into your group. Now, receive the mission to free the comrades trapped in the ship. You are required to use all the abilities you have acquired to carry out your work. Search for astronauts in different areas to bring them back. It is also to protect yourself from danger. Take smart measures to improve search times.

Task sequence assigned, difficulty level

Imposter 3D’s gameplay style occurs in an evolving manner. Play the role of an astronaut to initially do the rescue mission. You are not alone, you will have the support of other comrades. Together they form a group to search for the astronauts trapped on the ship. With a series of assigned tasks, it is recommended every time you immerse yourself in the trip. You must find and rescue enough astronauts. Once you complete the mission, you will receive a reward. The amount of money will get higher and higher each time a new job has to be done. But actually, the difficulty of the game has been transformed, increasing steadily with each rescue mission. The number of astronauts that need to be rescued will be larger than before. Highlighting areas where they arise is also difficult to find. Provides tough challenges for you to test your skills.

The challenge, the ugly animal

Unexpected cases and random challenges will appear after a period of time to free your comrades. Those are the challenges you will have to face in the 3D imposter. Each challenge may have suggestions for practice. For example, when approaching a standing position related to machinery and equipment. You should repair the damaged ones so they can work normally. In addition, you should pay attention to the ugly animal, with a horrifying appearance. Although it will accompany you the entire time of finding comrades. However, you should be alert and always alert, because they can create their prey at any time. To limit this from happening, you should use an iron trap. Combined with keeping a stable distance. Those times will reduce the ugly animal if it wants to attack you.

Using a flashlight, carefully draw mixed green tea

You have a flashlight available to develop a review framework. Able to see farther away. And the map is narrow, specifically projecting where you and other astronauts are. From there, it will be easier to identify objects and paths ahead. At the same time, you should be wary of dangerous enemies. They will break into your group to steal information. In order to control you, find the location of your comrades who are trapped on the ship. This incidentally affects the conclusion of what must be done. Prevents you from doing your best work.

Nowadays, players have a great feeling when entering the 3D Imposter game. The developer has provided 2 different game modes. Ability to decide to attend assigned tasks according to desired play style. Including online mode and work content mode. Each mode is built with similar information and gameplay. Their uniqueness lies in the variety of participants. As for the content mode, your team mates are controlled by someone wise. In addition, online mode can have the presence of users originating from many different places. We will form a group with them to work together on the mission of liberation.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 month trước

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