Injustice 2 MOD APK 6.0.0 (Menu, Immortality, High Damage, No Cooldown Required)

MOD Menu, Immortality, High Damage, No Cooldown Required
Capacity 800MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 6.0.0

Take the era from the battles in the hit movie dc. Now, we can play as superheroes or villains. By immersing yourself in the game of injustice 2 to feel. Create a team of justice alliances to fight the enemy. Approved super climactic 3vs3 competitive matches. Unleash the strength of the alliance by defeating the enemies. Win conquest to create a champion. This is a game of the type of action game. With many attractive functions included. When entering, it will be possible to discover many different heroes and bad people. Cool game modes, with built-in rules. Valuable rewards when completing the mission. At the same time eye-catching 3d graphics and authentic sound value.

Download injustice 2 MOD APK – superhero vs villain alliance battle battle

Gather a team of justice alliances to immerse yourself in the battles of injustice 2. Based on the 3vs3 playstyle that happens in the opposite way. Compete in real time to find the winning team. Each battle is timed until one of the two teams is defeated first. Later on, the remaining team will win with the achievements presented by the number of stars. Or when just the last period, the people of the two teams may have differences. Based on the coefficients and achievements obtained in the match occurs. From there will split to find the winning team. Achievements in each battle are described by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Each star corresponds to an alliance member still alive since the last battle. Based on that, the rewards received include trophies and gold coins.

How to play, skills

Based on real-time happening in each battle of injustice 2. In turn, each member of the alliance will fight against 1vs1. Be able to change membership at any time to develop the plan your way. In the process, very powerful attacks between the two teams were executed non-stop. Happening super thrilling and devastating. to the ability to defeat the opposing team and win the final victory. Your driving needs must be really sharp. Help the heroes in the alliance have the ability to attack accurately. By considering the opponent’s movements to evade when needed. Coordinate tracking to decide the moment, hit quickly. Causes the opponent to take damage. The sequence is like that until you defeat all the enemies, thereby achieving great results.

Game Modes

Join the battles of injustice 2 with many different game modes. Each commitment mode brings a unique sense of boundless struggle. Based on the content mode of the work, we will guide the heroes to resist the adventurous enemies. They are driven by AI-wise technology. In pvp mode, there are very intense competitions. This area is joined by a few players from around the globe. Together compete in brutal matches to find the winning team. Become the champion with a great achievement system. In addition, there is the possibility of participating in tournaments to practice daily challenges. Win victory to rise to the position of commander. No matter which mode you enter, battles happen in a 3vs3 manner.

Chain of superheroes, villains

There is a rich series of superheroes and bad guys in Justice 2. They are all inspired by famous dc movie products. Can list many objects such as batman, superman, supergirl, theflash, . Or for example about many villains such as joker, brainiac, harleyquinn, . There are many other objects that you will learn while participating in the game. Each object is built to look extremely impressive. Bring your own unique fighting style. Their difference is also expressed through their abilities in battle. With outstanding strength is applied to create powerful sets. For example batman with typical punches. Or the flash with the ability to practice instant kicks. Depending on how you play, there is a possibility of deciding to gather a team of heroes you like.
Immerse yourself in the good videos of the game of injustice 2. get a taste of the facts to better understand the game’s information. Along with that can experience high-end console graphics on dynamic devices. With photos built super specific and vivacious. Build images of super-heroes and villains that are projected very realistically. Outstanding combat effects are presented in extremely impressive competitions. Bustling sound mix, quickly changed to fit the situation. Along with the attacks that shape the unique sound of the characters. Commitment brings an unforgettable feeling.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

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