K-Pop Idol Producer MOD APK 1.97 (Unlimited Money, Tickets)

MOD Unlimited Money, Tickets
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Version 1.97

With the current outbreak of Korean idol groups, young people are completely crazy about the charm of idols. Keeping up with that trend, the buildup studio gave birth to the k-pop game idol producer. Get inspired by creating an idol education business. K-pop idol producer reinterprets almost all the history of a entertainment business. Come join us and educate together, give birth to the most famous groups in k-pop.

Are you really a big fan of k-pop? If yes, then definitely can’t let this game pass. Coming to k-pop idol producer will help you to know more about the life of an idol. From being selected to being a trainee and finally creating a famous idol with hundreds of thousands of fans. The whole thing will happen under your steering. Prove that you really are the leader of their host business. It’s tempting, isn’t it!

Download K-Pop Idol Producer Mod – An entertaining game about super hot groups in the world

Referring to k-pop, people will immediately remember famous groups and delicate idols who acknowledge their talents. The groups that create the entertainment gender identity in the land of kimchi are mentioned as: Handsome like bigbang, BTS, T-ara, super hot Black pink, . . Behind their perfect success are years of hard training. Not to mention the function of the host company is also super important. The company is the place of education, motto and photo collection. A good business will become a sure support and provide success for stars and music groups.

Control all the entertainment industry

There are many ways to build a great idol. The first is to arrange for trainees to gain a place in the group in accordance with their recognition of their talents and abilities. A lady, a good dancer will be at the lead dance venue. Or a good voice, inner strength will become a lead vocal. The person who has the ability to lead the group is of course the leader. The suitable staging of many people will bring the group to travel longer distances in the near future and attract many fans.
Since creating groups you should develop and strengthen your own company. Need to shape more rooms for trainees to practice, relax and many other activities. And yet, hiring more personnel such as: administrators, stylists, dance group choreographers, musicians, etc. . Hiring more staff makes you control the company smoothly. Because the amount of work will be more and more sometimes your business grows slowly.

Recruiting people to work for bright apprentices

Coming to k-pop idol producer, users will go into the process of training to create idol groups. As with any game, users have to go from the most mainstream starting steps. You can have a small business just like a studio. A good-looking manager will help you manage your business. She’ll lay out key guidelines for you to choose from.
The first step to shaping a set of music is to recruit interns. The game will first make a decision on whether the company’s first group is male or female. From the moment of selection you will begin the selection of births. There are many young women, handsome guys, who admit talent for you to decide. Touch the subject to get more specific information about them. Including information about the ability to rap, voice, creativity, breakthrough, dancing ability, … after reviewing, choose the most suitable trainee with the force of the group battle you have a desire.

Equipment, Costumes for performances

In order to have 12 hours of successful performances, idols must be prepared carefully. When the singing and dancing part is ready, the next part is because of the appearance. Businesses need to equip them with the right clothes and hairstyles. That’s how the new idols really shine on the stage. Taking pictures with fans, advertising products, promoting ticket discounts will attract a lot of people’s attention. These are the marketing plans that need to be implemented when managing a entertainment company.

Idol training time and process

You should arrange for your own trainee hours of daily practice to expand the possibilities. Next, I started composing theme songs and practicing choreography. Finally, launching a photo collection and performing at events. Besides, k-pop has many big and small tournaments. Group groups will compete against each other for the highest position on the leaderboard. Kbiz is a brutal arena, so your band needs to have great songs and great performances to be able to stand on the leaderboard.
From being a k-pop fan, you are now fully capable of creating the leading business of idol groups. Manually digging to shape the new idol age, the opportunity to develop the entertainment industry. leading to top-notch and eye-catching performances. Let’s start the K-pop idol producer mod now on Khumod, rock the music business and make it clear



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