Legend of Pirates MOD APK 1.0.4 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

MOD Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Capacity 632MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.0.4

If you are a die-hard fan of manga series, you will definitely know the series called One Piece. Pirate Legend is an outstanding game in the category of games based on that story content. Many familiar objects from the original set appear here as cards. Take time to set up your battle force. Join the fight to accumulate money, diamonds and unlock the most powerful object cards. Countless items, equipment, accessories, costumes… Available to transform your favorites. Do you want to have copyright without charging money? The mod version of the game is available here for you to comfortably purchase.

Download Legend of the Sea MOD APK – Create a pirate king

Since its first introduction, the game Pirate Legend Mod has received a lot of attention from game players. Notably fans of the great One Piece series. Launched by famous game house mobi389. At present, it is being developed on both iOS and Android platforms. The game keeps almost intact the story content of the movie product One Piece – the pirate emperor. And the original story takes the main character as monkey d. Luffy – captain of the straw hat pirate gang. Here, users can have energetic and joyful fun. As a leverage, you strive to create a pirate emperor on the fiery battlefield.

Always be fully prepared to lead your favorite group of pirates. Show your opponents who is worthy of being king. Of course everyone wants to surpass the position of the new pirate king. So you should fight with 100% of your energy to win. Stand out, join your comrades in arms and join hands to fight to achieve your goals.

Classic turn-based combat gameplay style

And many other special games, Pirate Legend mod will also have certain things to do. Your assigned job is to retrieve and collect the target cards to immerse yourself in the battle. You are likely to identify many of the cards that represent great objects in the One Piece series. When you reach a certain number of cards, you can gather them in the battle force and engage in battle.
With a new playing style and high challenge to inspire users. The key to creating victory is strategy. When you have more cards, you can’t depend on your fighting force with different fighting styles. All the objects in the pirate island are present in this game. In addition, building the image and capacity of each person is also specifically built. Therefore, please rely on these characteristics to choose and display the highest fleet. If we win, we will receive additional accumulated points to move up the rankings. At the same time, you will receive gold coins to buy additional equipment, accompanying products and decorate the object.

Rich collection of object tags

It’s not just about creating a great game. So what creates an outstanding squad in the game Pirate Legends? What do you think when the answers are object tags? That’s right, to attract gamers, this game has brought a huge collection of objects. Still the objects in the original manga, but transformed into a smaller, cuter form.
In addition, the game brings together famous members of the straw hat hero group to give you the choice to add strength to the battle. Create a genuine feeling like you are a true pirate. Not only do they have a small appearance, the objects also leave their mark with their skill effects. Each object is also further reinforced with accompanying clothes and products to add more coolness and abundant energy. Not everyone who works hard is likely to be the winner. In addition, it shows that the winner is the one who has the strategy to arrange and decorate his clothes, and is capable of creating a pirate king.

Eye-catching images, vivid sound

Playing the game feels like enjoying a movie, that’s enough for you to imagine the outstanding image of Pirate Legend mod. The game has invested quite carefully in the visuals. Many things are very meticulous, specific, and the colors are reasonable. All of the objects and eras in the game are built very accurately, never deviating from the story’s content. Additionally, background refers to the effects of an object’s abilities. Carefully built to express the energetic spirit of each typical character in the original series. Not only that, it is impossible not to mention the sound of the game. Bustling sounds, honest feeling like living in the object.
Pirate Legend will not make you dissatisfied with its careful investment in many aspects. This game has a fairly light content but has beautiful images, complete development information, and a rich collection of objects.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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