Lien Quan Mobile MOD APK (MENU, Hack Maps, Full map camera, No Cooldown, Immortality, Full Money, Heroes, Skin)

MOD MENU, Hack Maps, Full map camera, No Cooldown, Immortality, Full Money, Heroes, Skin
Capacity 350MB
Installed on Google Play

The mobile phone alliance is already familiar with the society of moba game players. This game is truly famous in e-sports in our country and on five continents. Vietnam has become the champion of five continents in this gameplay dozens of times. That’s why my comrades fought the game very passionately. If you have ever played great league on computer. It is easy to spot the similarities between these two games. However, garena still creates a difference for this gameplay. It is this difference that has attracted more than one hundred million mobile installations. larger than the population of Vietnam today. Attracts users with thrilling, exciting 5 vs 5 battles. Join the fight with friends. Practice your skills and participate in major domestic competitions and reach a global level. What are you still thinking about for such a great game like this? Let’s pass the trophy of fame now.

Download Mobile Alliance – Join the famous arena

The mobile alliance opens up many battles for you to join your comrades in battle. Many useful and interesting game modes that you can’t imagine. A set of soccer sports has been invested in this game. Common on both Android and iOS platforms. Gameplay does not require your phone to have too high configuration. Only with regular or even low-configuration mobile phones. You still have the opportunity to download the game to your computer, preferably with a few visual and configuration functions. Is capable of playing games smoothly. However, for people using high-configuration phones. It will still bring a smoother experience and more vibrant photos. At the moment there are many mods for this popular game. However, I’m sure you won’t find any website with many functions like khumod. The mod does not take money and does not harm the mobile phone. Download now to your device to participate in top competitions.

Diverse series of objects

The mobile phone alliance has more than 150 different generals for users to choose and experience. The number does not stop there and is always changing with new generals. giving users unusual experiences, without feeling bored. The generals in the game are divided into 9 types. AP (Magic) generals, physical Dame generals, tank (Tank) generals, assassins, gunner (ADC) generals, and finally fighters. Each type has many objects for you to experience. Subjects are likely to have their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Wanting to understand the general so that the ability to increase value is exhausted. You need to research carefully before the decisive moment in battle. Practice your daily abilities to increase your ability and ability to solve mysteries. If you don’t know much about generals, check out Youtube channels. Gain experience from other players.

Attractive game mode

There are up to 7 different game modes in mobile phone alliance. In each mode, there are very interesting branch game modes. I will announce the names of the 7 main game modes from the past: ranked match mode, normal match mode, computer match mode, five continent match mode, version mode, clan battles, and finally the training mode. . Each regime is likely to have its own countervailing law. If you do not clearly know the opposing rules of each mode. When entering the game, it will be very easy to lose, the enemy will defeat you easily. Therefore, please learn about each game mode before proceeding. Believe me, it will help people achieve many wonderful, pleasurable experiences every day. And I didn’t feel any surprises during the game. Specifically, each mode has not been missed in the game. If you find it interesting, please download it quickly.

High value images and sounds

The mobile phone alliance has really great images and sounds. Regardless of whether it is a moba game. However, the feeling feels like it’s a PC. When first introduced, sometimes the chain exceeds its load capacity and becomes clogged. Because the number of online players without going through intermediaries is too large. This is actually a gameplay with the largest and most popular fighting game society in our country. This gameplay is considered to represent our country’s new e-sports platform. No country can deny the influence, abundant energy and talent of our country’s joint gamers. If your mobile does not have the mod version of this game. Then download the game to your device. It certainly won’t make you feel dissatisfied at all.

MOD function of Lien Quan Mobile version

• Full of money, Gold
• Full generals
• Full map camera
• HACK Maps
• Immortal
• MOD Skin (costume)

Telephone Alliance has guaranteed its success over the past many years. Until now. This gameplay is almost 6 years old. However, there is still a trend of rapid growth and growth in the number of players.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

Share by: Kẻ Vô Danh

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