Maple Rush MOD APK 2.0.13 (Unlimited Money, Remove Ads)

Maple Rush MOD APK 2.0.13 (Unlimited Money, Remove Ads)

MOD Unlimited Money, Remove Ads
Capacity 415MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.0.13

Maple Rush MOD is an Idle RPG game where you will play the role of the mushroom kingdom. It has been followed by a large number of people and officially introduced on mobile platforms for many years. Developed and launched by Joy Nice Games in the land of Korean. Although it has only been introduced for the first time a few months, it has already received many positive responses with hundreds of thousands of downloads.
After two very successful local Korean versions, 버섯커 키우기 and the global version, legend of mushroom, now the game is about to be introduced for the first time in the asean region with the brand name Maple Rush MOD. If you want to play this game on PC, there are many options for you to emulate a phone such as the following applications: ldplayer, blueStacks, etc.

Download Maple Rush MOD APK – Super attractive 2D game with millions of downloads

When you immerse yourself in this game, there will be one of three character types to choose from. Includes: Warrior, Crossbowman and Sorcerer forms. And when the object reaches its maximum level of development. They will be able to choose one of two new classes to modify their profession. In the end, users can have 6 ultimate classes such as: warrior god, Saint Vo, Hoang Vu, Saint Hunter, prophet and demon king.

The era of Maple Rush MOD was released in an Earth full of peace and happiness. Until one day the Dark Demon dragon woke up and turned anyone into a dwarf mushroom. The only way to turn many people back to normal is to destroy the Dark Demon dragon. And you are a powerful hero forced to lead an army of mushrooms to begin the journey to resist evil.

Is a chibi game with unique 2D images. Users will be exposed to all kinds of different monsters and dwarf mushrooms in this MOD Dwarf Mushroom game. Outstanding, when the dwarf mushrooms reach their Highest level. They will grow and change their appearance to transform back into human form. There can be a total of 3 basic character classes such as warriors, crossbowmen and wizards.

Use Equipment Reasonably to increase attack and defense

When the dwarves reach their level of development, they will be able to choose one of two new classes to change their profession, eventually the user can have 6 ultimate classes including war gods, saints, and emperors. Wu, the hunter, the prophet, and the demon king. Each class of objects has the ability to have an exclusive set of abilities that help the user easily wipe out approaching monsters.
Close to the simple gameplay style but no less thrilling. In the Maple Rush MOD idle rpg game, users can also feel chill with their friends while doing farming tasks. Get agricultural products to comment on and trade with other users.

In this game, players will go beyond the gates with thrilling competitions. Summon powerful dwarf mushrooms that appear scattered throughout the kingdom and guide them to join hands with you to defeat evil forces. Here, users also have the ability to upgrade dwarf mushrooms to increase new skills and attributes. Helps users easily cope with additional challenges and obstacles.

Outstanding functions in Maple Rush MOD

  • Attractive role-playing gameplay
  • Everything is free to use, rich pve – pvp operation.
  • Small q-style chibi image that is pleasing to the eye.

Not only that, at Maple Rush MOD we can immerse ourselves in the work of growing and taking care of outstanding plants. Based on that, people will choose the type of tree, care for and harvest agricultural products and are likely to earn many valuable materials to use in strengthening and growing dwarf mushrooms.

Not only that, this game also provides a consensus function for users to communicate and trade agricultural products together. Here, we have the ability to interact and make friends with several other players from all over the five continents. Business also helps users earn many valuable materials and items. From there, increase the dwarf mushroom’s energy and win in matches.

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Safe: No Malware

Update: 3 weeks trước

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