My Cafe MOD APK 2023.12.1.1 (Menu, Fast Staff and Visitors Speed, VIP Unlocked)

MOD Menu, Fast Staff and Visitors Speed, VIP Unlocked
Capacity 150MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2023.12.1.1

My cafe mod is a free game where you can learn how to run your own cafe stall. It will become your favorite destination that you cannot miss to indulge in busy moments and make a lot of money. You will have to control everything in the counter from displaying and repairing the shop to processing, serving customers and even finding your own love. Work diligently to improve an old room to create the most crowded place with happy customers. They will love your exclusive coffee products or beautiful desserts. And the reward for this is gold money for you to constantly invest in decoration and menu development. Are you ready to become the owner of a cafe chain?

Download My cafe MOD APK – build your own cafe

This type of restaurant or farm management game is familiar to many gamers. However, my cafe is one of the most complete games with leisurely and cheerful gameplay, beautiful 3D images and a super diverse series of items. Therefore, we will find here countless delicious recipes for coffee drinks or desserts. At the same time, you will be able to display your cafe in different ways from the huge interior selection. Nothing is impossible, and you just need to click to do what you want. Start it today and make your well-off aspirations come true today.

Decorate the inside with many items

At first, what you get is a small and old kitchen. You should start arranging and repairing it to soon inaugurate the cafe according to your wishes. First of all, you need to clean up old utensils and smelly leftovers. Later, disburse funds to buy luxurious home decorations and fill out the small kitchen. Choose the interior style that suits your needs and place them in the appropriate place. For example, tables and chairs in the middle of the counter to accommodate consumers, or a kitchen in a small corner, or a cash register right at the entrance.

Not to mention, don’t miss eye-catching decorative items such as flowers, wall paintings, clocks, or Christmas trees (at Christmas). Customize many things to your liking and make every corner of the counter stand out with a variety of colors. Decoration not only makes your cafe more beautiful but also brings profit. Blenders, coffee makers or ovens will help you shape great dishes to please consumers. We will need to continuously upgrade them so that we can get the highest revenue possible.

Satisfy guests and generate idle income

You will have to take care of all your cafe needs when you start playing the game. However, it’s not too complicated, just follow everyone’s requests, prepare and deliver the dishes. When customers finish enjoying, they will leave the restaurant and the money will automatically be added to you. But suppose there are too many customers, you will have to hire staff to keep up on time. There will be many consumers every day and every hour with many different requirements. Some customers will come to the shop for exclusive coffee, or sandwiches, pizza, ice cream or cheese. Make your guests happy with your unique recipes.

Your guests are most likely everyone, business people, entrepreneurs, administrative workers, students,… We will see them depicted very authentically and visually on 3D images. They always have a cheerful attitude when enjoying your delicious food and have quite smooth movements. People bustle in and out of your shop with many different styles of clothes and stylish, luxurious or elegant looks. This is something you can hardly see in other normal adaptation games.

Upgrade and develop the cafe

To better serve the increasingly large and diverse consumer needs, you must have a plan to make your cafe grow. More customers will require you to have more tables, chairs and more items to accommodate. Furthermore, you also have to develop your own menu to meet new requirements. At those times, you must consider hiring more waiters, kitchen staff and payment staff. At the same time, add many new coffee machines and beautiful decorations inside and outside the shop. However, pay attention to your budget to optimize the balance between selling and buying.

My cafe will satisfy you with its exciting idle gameplay. It’s simple but not boring at all, on the contrary, it’s better than many other games of the same type. Play the game and describe your business plan to develop your dream cafe. You have the ability to display, manage personnel, meet, learn unique recipes and control issues to bring in huge profits. However, it is a long-term and infinite feeling, there is no limit to your progress in this game. Please invite your relatives and friends to download and enjoy this game!



Safe: No Malware

Update: 8 months trước

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