Phong Ma Dao Si MOD APK 1.0.9 (Unlimited Money to Use, Unlock Characters, Costumes)

MOD Unlimited Money to Use, Unlock Characters, Costumes
Capacity 280MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.0.9

Most of you who play games will probably know the famous zombie-killing magician Lam Chanh Anh, whom everyone was fascinated by when they were kids. Even though they understand that it’s scary, these movie products all have charm. Hard to describe for fans who love the scary type. Recently, internet users have been constantly spreading information about a game about to be released in our country called Phong Ma Dao Si and launched by VPLAY .

From the photos revealed on the internet, we can imagine that this is a mobile phone game with a spiritual theme, with all kinds of magical spells and all kinds of demons and tools. Other scary buildings are invested and built quite meticulously.

Download Phong Magi Mod APK – Super attractive role-playing game

The attractive game Phong Ma Dao Si is a game that has just been introduced for the first time in our country’s gaming industry. This is also one of the games that many game players keep an eye on, because This is a game whose content and playing method are similar to the film “The Master of Zombies” by Chinese artist Lam Chanh Anh, which was associated with many people in his youth. So if you want to learn more about this game, please take a look at the section below to get more information about the game.

This game was introduced by VPLAY publisher as a type of game to grind and hoe, but unlike other games, players have to pay VIP to meet the conditions to increase combat power or win PvP battles smoothly, causing stress. However, with Phong Ma Daoist MOD, it’s not necessarily true, ability is not equal to heaven, playing it or not as much as enjoyment is what determines whether the game player wins the fight or not.

How to play

The key to increasing the target’s cultivation and combat power will depend on spiritual points that are compatible with the various functions and operations in the game. Game players not only work together to eliminate demons and demons, but also explore the content of magical spiritual stories like in TVB movies. It’s like being engaged to a ghost or calling a soul into your body, it makes your hair stand on end when you hear it.

The rich side system and pvp or guild battlefields allow players to experience the game and immerse themselves in the dense spiritual world for many hours without being able to stop watching. Game players can also receive many benefits for themselves each time they complete these unique social activities.
With the above unique points, Vietnamese game players have another decision to entertain themselves in the near future. If you are also a fan of religious role-playing games, you can wait for the day to download Phong Ma Taoist.

MOD functions of Phong Ma Dao Si

This is a mod to help users who participate in this Phong Ma Taoist game, assuming you keep an eye on these modded functions.

  • Unlimited money to spend.
  • Increased strength.
  • Open all character objects.
  • Unlock all challenging levels.
  • Mod increases combat power.
  • Overview

Above are short reports about the game Phong Ma Daoist that we want to tell you, hopefully the above sharing has helped you get more information about the game, and download it. Got the mod version. And if you currently have any questions, please respond below to receive our free answers.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 month trước

Share by: Kẻ Vô Danh

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