Puppet Soccer 2014 MOD APK 3.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

MOD Unlimited Money
Capacity 54MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 3.1.8

Based on the king sport genre to immerse yourself in the game Puppet Soccer 2014 MOD. Information revolves around 1vs1 matches. Based on that we will decide a national team player to represent a country. Immerse yourself in king sport matches with opponents from other countries. The goal is to concede the goal with the better score to win.

Participate in the final match with the dream of becoming a champion. Based on that, you must surpass other clubs and win to be able to fulfill your dream. Win the cup to become the global champion and prove your abilities. This game is experienced in offline mode. With many unique functions provided by the developer noxgames, waiting for you to explore.

Let’s learn about Puppet Soccer 2014 MOD – participate in a soccer competition between teams based on a 1vs1 solution platform!

Commitment evokes matches in the style of playing the sport of kings. At puppet soccer, the graphic sequence is built in an animated style. With the value of clear and fresh photos to represent the antagonistic environment happening on the football field. The highlight is the uniquely built image of the national team players playing football. Has a large head, small body and lacks legs.

This story will give you a fresh and different experience of playing the king sport than other games with similar themes. Moreover, to add more attraction during the game. The sound value is projected vividly. With cheerful background music, mixed with the whistle of the match controller, each time a goal is scored.

There are 32 countries to choose from

The game is suggested as a World Football Championship with the participation of 32 countries around the world. Based on that, you will most likely decide on a country to represent the contest. It can be listed as America, England, France, Argentina, … And even better. Each country will be represented by its own national flag. You have the ability to decide which country you prefer at the beginning of your journey. Based on that, it is necessary to compete with many national team players from other governments. Let the ability to fulfill dreams create champions. Should surpass other countries to advance to the final. From there, winning the final match will lift the trophy to become champion.

More than 90 players with different numbers

This place puppet soccer offers a rich array of objects. Includes more than 90 national football team players for you to recruit. Each national team player has his own image built in his own way. Expressed through appearance with a large head. Football playing ability is expressed through 3 different indicators. Including progress, kicking power and jumping power. Based on that, each index has its own key role in the resistance process.

Progress is related to agility and mobility. Or the force of the kick when kicking the ball is likely to cause the ball’s speed to glide quickly. Based on that, it is necessary to adjust the numbers to change.

How play happens and rules

Each soccer match is played 1vs1 on the field. We will compete with the opponent for about 90 seconds. The goal is to open the ball into the goal to score a goal, thereby increasing the score. At the end of the period, the match will stop. The two teams need to win as many points as possible to arrange a win or loss. The team that scores more goals will win. Also based on the score of the scoring phase, you will receive a corresponding amount of gold coins. Once you meet the winning conditions, you will be able to proceed deeper. Since then, he has been constantly competing with clubs that are not the same as the milestone that created the champion.

Players should use different abilities to influence their opponents. For example, freeze, snail, increase shot power, more energy, enlarge and constrict the ball. Each type of ability will be displayed so that it is known in advance, so that it can be equipped with the situations that will occur. Based on that, each ability will bring recognition of its own talent.

For example, freezing will cause the player to lie still for a short time. This move makes it impossible for the player to move because he is stuck on the field. Increasing the power of the shot will adjust the abundant energy source so that the ball flies at a faster speed, making it less likely for the player to catch up.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 3 weeks trước

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