Silent Castle MOD APK 1.4.15 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked all)

MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked all
Capacity 60MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.4.15

Silent castle is a scary game only for grown up users. It’s built with puzzle-style gameplay, dark photography, and creepy sounds paired with role-playing things. Those things create a great feeling that fans of the horror game series cannot ignore. The game circumstances will take place in a ghost palace, and their information revolves around a folk game like hide and seek. You and the other players will play the role of a god of death or an existence, and have to do their own must-dos. So who do you want to be? the god of death holds the initiative, but the person who exists also has dozens of tricks of its own.

Download silent castle silent palace – join the game of death in the ghost palace


If you’ve ever played hide and seek, you’ll notice the similarities between this game and the silent castle. However, it collects the foundation of hide-and-seek solution in a new form in a new stage with unique and rare functions. Notably, it allows you to play with friends or with many other players around the world. Many things in this game are well done, outstanding in the array of images and sounds. It brings true horror and suspense throughout its existence. However, the horror here comes with logic, planning and puzzles. Therefore, it will challenge then acknowledge your own talents.


Choose your function

The game opens in front of the lobby of a spooky palace. There are 7 users to immerse themselves in a game screen, including 1 death god and 6 survivors. The game will automatically allocate functions to the user group. After that, all of them will be brought inside the palace, and their existence officially begins.

If you are the god of death : your assignment is to eliminate the surviving members to become the winner. To do that, you just need to knock on the door of each room and find a solution to attack the person who exists. However, we will face obstacles if they resist by defensive or counter-attacking ways. In addition, they have the ability to join hands to resist the god of death. Therefore, you must have a travel plan and choose smart targets.

If you are a survivor: your goal is to defeat death and stay alive as long as possible. However, you do not hold the mastery in your hands, instead, the only thing you do is sleep. During sleep, we will save gold coins, later use it to produce different items. There are many powerful and beneficial machines and items for your survival. However, you should choose the right things to resist death in some cases. If you are the first to survive and defeat the god of death, you will become the mvp of the battle.

A few eyes need to know


There are many considerations that you should know well while playing Game silent castle Mod. These will affect your survival and mining progress. Let’s recount the most important eyes.

Find a room quickly: before your existence begins, you have a few seconds to find a room for yourself. Therefore, you should hurry to find a suitable accommodation before the time of death at the beginning of the search. Of course, you can’t live in the same room with other people.

Don’t get out of bed: if it’s not a big deal, just stay in bed. We will make gold coins while we sleep, but nothing when we get out of bed. Sleep is the only method by which you can resist death.

Don’t move to someone’s room: you can see other people’s status, but don’t do anything. If you go out of the room and rescue them, death will end you the moment you leave the door.


Attack – Defense suit: if death breaks your door, tap the repair button to start increasing defense. If you want to deal damage to the grim reaper, you need to disburse equipment like bows and arrows, electric fans, bombs, and more.

Match Objects: There are three basic classes of objects in this game, including physicists, miners, and hackers. Each object class has its own techniques and advantages, so please consider before selecting the object.

Dark times, creepy sounds

This game is well built in terms of photos. It delivers barbaric animated images of subjects. In particular, the subject of death is the most unforgettable photo. Not to mention, the game era is shrouded in darkness, which shows off the spooky and mysterious look of the ghost palace. The sound points such as howls, roars, hitting effects… are equally authentic. The whole engagement gives you a memorable thrill.

So if you are a lover of horror games, Game silent castle Mod will satisfy you. This game will become a great challenge to investigate your perseverance and strategy. You don’t have to do a lot of things, but give careful consideration to each behavior. Whether you’re the god of death or the living, you need a smart behavioral strategy. Show someone your intelligence by beating them up.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

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