Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK 6.4.3 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

MOD Unlimited Money/Gems
Capacity 90MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 6.4.3

KHUMOD.COM We have introduced to everyone many simulation and role-playing games on mobile. In those games, users play the role of the main character. However, coming to today’s game. I will recommend to you a gameplay where in the game you will play the role of the villain. Let’s continue observing to know specifically about the game we are talking about. This is a projection game, playing a role with an unusual playing style. Allows users to role-play as a person who specializes in street vandalism. Causing chaos everywhere. The game’s story content shows everyone that he is a very dangerous murderer. Even though he was wanted by a warrant, the police searched everywhere. However, I still couldn’t help him. People in the city were horrified and ran away when they saw him. Try playing the role of a bad person who experiences unusual things.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK – destroy the whole city

In this huge, state-of-the-art city. You have the ability to do anything you fancy. Even illegal acts. Vegas Crime Simulator MOD game has an open play style, allowing you to control objects everywhere. Even leaving the city to explore a far away place is okay. However, keep an eye on the tasks assigned by the chain. You need to do certain things to level up better. Be careful with the police. They are always stalking you, wanting to catch you. There is police presence everywhere. When your killing rank reaches a record. Please flee quickly. Because at the present time we have all the highest fighting tools. All the police forces in the city are chasing you. Hide quickly to avoid being caught. You can see many escape photos of the subject in this information.

Freedom to travel and explore the city

As I said in the above section. Vegas crime simulator allows users to drive objects anywhere. Explore the dreamy city, find places with beautiful, romantic views. When I felt the pressure, I didn’t feel too strong. Leave it all behind. Drive around the city. Go to quiet places with charming scenery. Comfortable, forgetting all the sadness in life. I believe your emotions will be much more complete. When the object moves. You can run, jump, lie down, stand, and crawl are all movements you can do. When using transportation tools such as cars, motorbikes, ships, boats, and even bicycles, etc. There may be additional function buttons for convenient and quick control. than.

Flexibly switch fighting weapons

When fighting, you have the ability to change weapons of struggle quickly and nimbly. In just a few seconds you can change to a new weapon. If strengthening speed specifications, or preparing to change weapons quickly. So this action only happens for about 0.5 seconds. Fighting weapons in the game are quite rich. Diverse weapons from conventional to the most advanced. To make the game a little more difficult. The launcher will only bring you the main weapons. Attack at close range when first entering the game. Step by step, overcome challenges and complete what needs to be done. We will receive wages and be able to purchase new, more advanced weapons. Shortgun, glock, launcher, ak-74 are specialized weapons that can fight well from a distance. Each type of gun is likely to have its own type of paragraph. Please prepare many cartridges so that the game is not interrupted because you run out of bullets.


Vegas Crime Simulator MOD has quite a rich array of objects. Lets you become different bosses in the city. The consensus is that you can change the appearance of your target. Because in the game there are a lot of players online. If two objects that are the same come into contact, they will gradually lose pleasure and joy. So the chain has agreed that users can change the appearance of their objects. Customize your outfits, with different colors and designs. Notably you also have the ability to transform the faces of subjects. Choose a nonchalant, close, or cool, colloquial style, etc…. Be comfortable.
Vegas crime simulator leads to a 100% new style of play. What you have to do is destroy the city with many different crimes. When being chased by the police. You should use modern weapons and fighting tools. to resist police attacks and to make escape easier. Our endless money mod gives you 100% free purchases. Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD to create a boss, do what you enjoy in the city.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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