Among Us Mod APK 2023.11.28 (Menu, Speed, No Cooldown, Unlocked, v.v)

MOD Menu, Speed, No Cooldown, Unlocked, v.v
Capacity 170MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2023.11.28

Among us lets you become an astronaut and other flight crews on a plane to space. On this trip to learn about other planets. There was once a dark force that installed an internal spy in your ship. It has a plot to damage your ship. Stay on when visiting other planets. Makes you and the other flight crew unable to bounce back to earth. Gameplay has a similar playing style to hide and seek. Launch the game and randomly play the role of a criminal or a flight crew. In a game with 10 people, only 2 people are insiders. With 8 other flight crew, they will go into hiding together. Your mission is to find those two crooks and destroy them. The enemy will have identification signals and unique characteristics. Learn gameplay techniques from other players. Don’t kill the wrong crew member or we will lose.

Download Among us MOD APK – help the ship and the astronauts return to earth safely

Among us takes you to unreal planets on the earth’s surface. This place is completely devoid of life. If you can’t launch the spacecraft. It’s equivalent to being forced to leave your life behind in this place. Be with other flight crew. Trying to find a solution to restart the ship. Come back to stable earth. However, before this can be done. You should find the disguised crooks in your team. Punish them and make them suffer harsh consequences. In the game you can invite your friends to play together. Because of its open gameplay, Among Us has received the attention of many players. This is a gameplay with a super unique and new way of playing. Many moba game players, streamers, youtubers, etc…. . are playing this game. How about you ? Download the gameplay immediately to your device and join the fight, eliminating the bad guys.

Style play

As I said in the opening paragraph. Among us has a playing style that resembles a hide-and-seek game. However, the difficulty of this game will be much higher. It’s not just about finding criminals anymore. But that is also the last ray of prospect for the group’s survival. There are 2 factions for you to play. Try playing both sides. Because in each team, whether evil or good, you will learn its own interesting and outstanding points. The playing style is quite easy, easy to play even for the first time. It only takes you a short time. Being able to discover how to play and the game’s data. to gain victory. You do not have to be able to move objects urgently. Or the ability to think, logic, calculate anything. Instead, recognition technology is the key point. You should accurately recognize the enemy’s characteristics, appearance and behavior. Capture them and get them off the spacecraft.

Online play mode

The interesting thing about Among Us is that users can play games with great friends. If there is no network connection, you can play the game in offline mode. Although you cannot fight with other players. However, you still have the opportunity to play games when you feel bored. As for mobile, it already has cellular or wifi information. Then invite your friends to join the fight. The game will gradually become more attractive and interesting. However, in this game. You and your friends will not be on the same team. The string will be arranged randomly. If it goes well, they will be able to play the same role. But it’s also possible that each of us has a side. This will make users feel more curious and dramatic.

Images of the game

The game’s images are quite cute and full of life. Even though it is an action game, the gameplay lacks bloody killing and fighting activities. Gameplay creates a scene that helps users feel more comfortable and entertained. Although it only stays at the 2d image level. However, with its unique structure, Among Us also gives users many great experiences. The objects appear quite small. With simple construction, you can catch them walking very much like babies. Don’t spend a lot of money on pictures. However, the attractive gameplay style makes the gameplay receive more attention.
The ship’s problem leaves you and other astronauts stranded in space. Food, items, etc…. Just enough to sustain life in the near future. If no solution is found, improve the problem. Your assignment is considered unsuccessful. Your life, the fate of your ship and a few other comrades are your choices. Download among us back to stable earth.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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