Arcaea MOD APK 5.3.0 (Unlimited Memories, Unlock All Song)

MOD Unlimited Memories, Unlock All Song
Capacity 930MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 5.3.0

Arcaea MOD is a well-rounded rhythm game that follows the story content and anime style. It provides you with excellent music originating from stars on five continents. The ultimate music player solution platform is easy to play, yet difficult to get through. You should be quick and able to feel the music if you need to get through the most difficult pieces of music. With music, you can also learn chapters of interesting fiction. Follow anime girls across parts of a fragmented world and find a way to connect the pieces of old memories. This trip will bring you many emotions. We will need a game like this to comfort our souls.

Download Arcaea MOD – anime-style rhythm gameplay

If you are bored with boring level-based games, Arcaea MOD will change your feeling about a music game. It is built around a well-thought-out and rewarding story, where music guides emotions and unlocks new parts of the story. We will participate in the game with two female subjects. Their assignment is to piece together old memories in five strange fantasy continents to free the five continents from the destruction of an evil force. However, we’re missing no combat here with the emotional rhythm you can play with just a few fingers on the screen. The game’s events will become more and more open, thereby providing you with many new songs.

Many modes to explore

The game offers you many modes to decide, network, story, music play and world. If you are curious about the journey in the liberation of five continents, you need to explore the music according to the chapters in story mode. Meanwhile, you can compete with friends through world mode tracks and special virtual events. Therefore, this game will make players feel satisfied, from the unprofessional to the highly skilled, from members who enjoy playing music independently to individuals who enjoy scary situations. amused. Notably, the game can be played offline in many modes. Therefore, it is convenient for you to start any song.

Enjoy music at your fingertips

There are more than 160 songs available in this game’s music store. They originate from more than a hundred stars in many genres of music. In each song, your job is to complete the notes correctly to get points. Obviously, we will touch the screen as soon as the keys fall to the finish line. If you click too fast or too slow, you will lose points. In addition, many prominent notes will require you to play in a special way. If you encounter a long note, you should click and hold longer until the last note.

There are many other situations that could potentially arise in Arcaea. This is what creates the richness in how to play music, especially with other normal games. In addition, depending on the difficulty level we choose, the speed of the keys will be different. In addition, long and short notes are adjacent to each other in time throughout a piece of music, requiring sharpness of the fingers.

Compete with friends online

Even though it is a game that can be played offline, this game still provides you with an online scoreboard to compete with friends. You should practice continuously to adjust your score if you want to win a high position on the achievement table. Location areas will change in real time. Because of that, you can always climb to a high position, a place reserved for the best musical talents. that will help you unlock great rewards, including new songs.

Build vibrant anime, high-end music

Structured in an anime style, the game creates familiarity for many gamers. Anime subjects are carefully built in appearance, thereby participating in guiding the details of the original story. Furthermore, the circumstances of the rhythm levels also change easily across levels. And the music is the best with the premium level. Pure melodies combined with pleasing effects create a memorable playing experience.

Arcaea MOD will impress you with pure music played with a few keys that you can master. Show off your agility and acumen to pass as many tracks as possible. Beautiful anime music and pictures will put your mind at ease. No other game is more likely to do that for you as well as this one.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 5 months trước

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