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Version 40.2

Bloons TD 6 game radically transforms your perspective on colorful flying balls. In practice, flying balls are hung by people on occasions such as holidays, New Year, wedding parties, etc…. Because it is cute and colorful. Create a joyful space. However, in this gameplay it is not like that. Balls fly with different colors. It has an incredible amount of energy, has the ability to attack you, and cause damage to you. In the gameplay, we will play the role of the goal keeper leading the army to resist those obnoxious flying balls. Pair with super cute monkeys to shoot all the balloons. They are coming and want to go deep into your territory. Quickly shoot and explode so they don’t reach their target.

Download Bloons TD 6 MOD APK – with an army of monkeys shooting balloons

Balloons lack strong protection. It is still as explosive as in practice. In addition, Bloons TD 6 MOD APK has different balloons in each level. They go at extremely fast speeds. Quantity is also a lot. If you let the fruit fall into your stronghold. We will immediately have our accumulated points deducted. Set up air balloons in different areas to prevent balloons from flying in. Create towers where the ball flies out. In the initial levels, the balloon will only have 1 direction out, 1 path into your stronghold. The better the gain, the more exits we will have to deal with. The amount of balloons will increase steadily over time. Be careful with that. Just a small omission will allow the balloon to enter the ramparts. Gameplay requires users to have high concentration. Never stick to a round-based plan. Block all enemy traffic routes. fight for the benefit of the monkeys.

Diverse maps – Bloons TD 6 MOD

Bloons TD 6 MOD APK has more than 40 different maps. Each map is capable of having its own product, its own nuance. We will experience many different and very interesting areas. Each place not only has differences in beauty and dense construction. The challenges of each map will also be different. You must have your own fighting styles and plans to defeat the enemy. Make an effort to monitor the match. If held. It will be very unlikely for us to regain the upper hand. And just like that, each step of defeat will come closer to you. With maps, your vision will be very narrow. Your vision is obstructed by eye-catching 3D objects. Be very focused and have bright eyes to guess the direction of the balloon’s exit.

Shoot and explode balloons

As mentioned above, you can have the help and support of monkeys and towers. What you have to do is arrange them in suitable places. When the balloon appears, you will immediately be assaulted and shot and exploded. People are wondering if the balloons are flying in the sky, how can the monkeys wipe them out, right? I would like to answer that the monkeys can use weapons such as bows, arrows, guns, bombs, etc…. to be able to shoot and explode balloons. In addition to what must be done, it is necessary to prevent balloons from entering the ramparts. The monkeys also bring more liveliness to the game. Users will feel happier when they see the cuteness and smallness of these monkeys.


Many levels and difficulty levels of the maps are not the same. You can’t use the same strategy all game long. When you see that the enemy is too strong, their numbers become more and more numerous. You should immediately add combat forces to adapt to the new environment. Chains give users the ability to upgrade towers, weapons, monkeys, etc…. to increase strength and attack power. Keep an eye out for the pillar towers. This is because the main attack weapon allows you to defend against attacks from the balloon army. Note: the amount of money you have is limited. Reinforce what is truly needed. Right spending is wasteful and meaningless.
The colorful flying balls of today have become your enemy. It is an opponent that is not easy to destroy. Using only strength will not be able to limit all attacks from the enemy. come up with appropriate plans to support the citadel of the air beasts to ensure safety. Avoid the day and night pressure of monstrous balls. Download Bloons TD 6 MOD APK to create a chain of defense for the rampart.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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