Brotato: Premium MOD APK 1.3.317 (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money and Elements, One hit)

Brotato: Premium MOD APK 1.3.317 (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money and Elements, One hit)

MOD Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money and Elements, One hit
Capacity 135MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.3.317

Be ready to fight against attacks from aliens. The game Brotato: Premium MOD APK evokes survival battles that take place in real time. The game’s information revolves around a potato. Able to prepare up to 6 weapons at the same time to resist enemy attacks. They are formidable creatures originating from outer space. Do not stop quickly approaching to hit and cause damage to the potato. Here we will combine with potatoes to immerse ourselves in brutal battles. Do the task of eliminating enemies according to the countdown time. The target remains until the end of the period. From there, you will receive rewards and increase your strength. Enhance your fighting ability to be ready for the next attacks.

Download Brotato: Premium MOD – battle exists between potatoes and alien creatures

Based on the game’s information, battles between potatoes and alien creatures are suggested. From there, do the tasks in each series. Each sequence involves a real-time battle. Depending on each steady increase, the time will range from 20 to 90 seconds counted down. Approving a top-down perspective will provide the most intuitive and general perspective. Based on that, we will combine with potatoes to resist attack tendencies from creatures. Use the provided weapon chain to attack approaching enemies. Successfully wiped them out in the greatest numbers possible since the era ended. From there, win and complete what must be done.

Character stats

The potato’s capabilities are described through its technical specifications. Including maximum amount of health, ability to regenerate health, percentage of loss. Close-up damage, long-range damage, elemental damage. Attack progress percentage and critical strike rate. Along with that come techniques such as progress, armor, evasion rate, progress percentage, advantage, and harvest. Start from 0 with the numbers given above. Experienced battles since completing what had to be done. From there, it is likely that upgrades can be made to increase the technical specifications. To regulate the abundant energy source of potatoes.

Parts for upgrades

After each battle is completed, many different parts of the potato will be selected and decorated. For example, the tendency to attack is maintained after just winning. The sequence shows four decisions about the brain, skull, back, and fingers. Or, after completing the assigned task at the second level, you will be able to choose the palm, muscles, heart and lungs. Continuously, to reach the next level there may be many other parts. Based on that, there is the possibility of choosing one link or renovating the whole thing. Each part will promote percentages with its own properties. Help the potato have the ability to overcome increasingly greater challenges.

Challenges are increasing day by day

Every time comes the next attack tendency of alien creatures. The difficulty of the mission will increase with more challenges and more obstacles. Not only are there a large number of enemies, but they also attack very strongly to take lives. The period when the battle occurs will be larger. Makes you need a lot of bullets to attack, to destroy formidable creature tendencies. so that existing capabilities force changes in the fighting techniques. Both attack and move to avoid, limiting the damage they cause.

Chain of weapons

There are many different types of weapons used in battles. Featured in an attack exists many possibilities preparing at most 6 different types. These are guns made with unique attack methods. Such as rifles, fire guns, laser guns, rocket launchers, sticks and rocks. Many other weapons will be unlocked in later battles. The differences between the guns are expressed through numbers. Such as the damage generated, attack pattern, critical rate and reload period. Depending on the type of weapon, it is possible to have uneven stats.

Near the rich weapon chain distributed by Brotato: Premium MOD. The game also has many different items for you to invest in potatoes. For example, books will increase skill points and gummy berserker will speed up attack and range. There are many items to choose from, which will be taken from the moment the job is completed. But actually, each type of item not only increases the numbers, but when prepared, it can also reduce some other stats. In addition, there is also the ability to unlock potato appearances to improve stats.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 month trước

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