Buddy Toss Mod APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Stars, Unlocked VIP)

Buddy Toss Mod APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Stars, Unlocked VIP)

MOD Unlimited Stars, Unlocked VIP
Capacity 63MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.5.7

Buddy toss MOD is an attractive casual entertainment game. It opens up useful gameplay levels, revolving around the theme of juggling. With a simple way of playing, not too fussy. However, it provides users with a pleasant experience. With excitement and playfulness the entire playing process. The game was built by the publisher bigdog games. Committed to bringing joyful feelings that will always be remembered.

With a lot of functions included. Can explore a huge universe, Represented in a cartoon graphic style. With a rich array of objects, everyone throws their differences for you to explore. At the same time, the entire playing process will be coordinated with joyful sound effects.

Download Buddy Toss MOD – Fly into the sky to reach endless heights

The playing style of Buddy Toss MOD occurs in a juggling manner. Here, role play into an object with a lot of muscle energy. With a big, tall body, he can throw endlessly. your right thing to do is to throw a person into the air with the power of your arms. From the moment the youth fell regardless of the ground. You should block accurately, using that thrust to continue tossing the young man into the sky.

Every time the milestone is thrown up, it will have a higher height than the previous time. From now on, that level will only stay when the young man falls to the ground. It also means you can’t continue what you have to do. At that time, equal to the maximum heights that had come from throwing him into the sky. We will receive a corresponding reward, which is the golden star.

Good skills to surpass your own achievements

When it comes to juggling levels in Buddy Toss MOD. You are more likely to launch him into the sky to infinite heights. In addition, you should have the ability to be quick. Watch quickly to guess the exact moment he fell to the ground. Along with the ability to steer and block accurately, he quickly launched the young man into the sky. After each time you exceed the height you had before. Achievement points will be increased.

Based on that, you will receive a large amount of gold stars from the moment the level ends. In addition, experience different levels, with difficult challenges. Get great achievements from surpassing your own achievements. Through that, we will be able to enter names on the leaderboard.

Learn about the big environment

Experience the juggling levels in the buddy toss game. You can also explore the vast universe. Observe the scene of the universe with the presence of countless planets, why the difference. Also, in the early days of juggling. The object’s launching force cannot be extremely strong yet. It should be based on the young man’s independent falling force.

The height gained at this time will help you observe tall buildings and trees. Throw sequentially to get a higher height than before. At those times we will be able to see the starry sky in outer space. Laughing planets, such as the sun, moon, mars and saturn, etc. Based on the endless possibilities of altitude, we will be able to look at the beautiful space environment great.

Diverse series of objects

Thanks to the number of golden stars received since the end of the levels in Buddy Toss MOD. You are available to unlock new objects. The game distributes a rich series of objects, they are all individuals with large muscles and bodies. With the role of tossing and supporting the young man. At first when participating in the game, you will be a big bodybuilder. After a while, he accumulated golden superstars. Ability to unlock the dictator expert object.

Even has the ability to unlock muscular animals like dogs and gorillas. Each object is built with a quite impressive appearance. With information connection built in a unique way. Since unlocking the toss object you like. There is the possibility of continuing to use golden superstars to raise their level and increase their abilities.

To recreate a fun and entertaining place for the game buddy toss. The developer has created vibrant graphics. The value of the photo is portrayed with bright nuances. What stands out is the change in the environment based on the available high altitude. With scenes that modify the laws of the land every time you throw the young man into the sky. That increases the experience, making it more likely to see a rich environment. At the same time, the graphics are built in a cartoon style. Gives you a leisurely, pleasant feeling of playing. Coordinate a series of joyful sounds. presented through the young man’s screams each time he was thrown up or fell to the ground.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 2 weeks trước

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