Bullet Man 3D MOD APK 1.8.6 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Ammo)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Ammo
Capacity 113MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.8.6

Bullet Man 3D MOD is a simple but highly addictive shooting game. It lacks any lengthy content or sublime gestures of power. However, this game will challenge your marksmanship talent
In many levels shoot coordinates. What you have to do is destroy all the enemies and free the hostages. You should aim accurately at the landmark and not accidentally shoot at innocent people. In addition, the amount of bullets is limited, so don’t think about shooting haphazardly. Plan to remove the bullet’s flight path and complete the level with a maximum of 3 stars. Don’t worry too much about how to play, just tap and swipe to do everything. We will save five continents with just our fingers.

Download Bullet Man 3D MOD – addictive coordinate shooting gameplay style

This game is a useful combination of shooting and puzzles, like the Angry Birds game. It provides you with many levels where your only task is to destroy all enemies with only one weapon in hand. It’s not necessary to go, it’s not necessary to have a viewfinder, and it’s not necessary to have a long plan. The shooting gameplay here is so simple that everyone can approach it. However, is it easy to overcome? the answer is no. It will challenge the minds of shooting geniuses with super difficult challenges. We will be able to encounter these challenges in many boss shooting levels.

Show off your shooting skills

At the beginning of the game, we will have a super easy challenge at level 1. You just need to shoot at a target in front of you by touching to change and releasing your hand to shoot. However, later on, things become more difficult when you have dozens more milestones and more barriers. You must destroy 4, 5 and even more enemies, but the number of bullets is limited. Furthermore, we will encounter more obstacles when the landmarks are scattered on the map. Many different obstacles such as barrels, walls, partitions, rotating propellers… Many are likely to block your shot. Notably, in a few levels, you must rescue hostages from the enemy. Of course, you must not shoot at a hostage by mistake.

To win at every level, you must have the ability to think quickly. Agility chooses your shooting ability in this game. Countless exciting situations that occur in many levels will leave you with many highlights. Many things change easily through the levels, from the number of enemies to the environment, weapons and many more interesting things. That will change your shooting plan, thereby creating essential newness. However, no matter what happens, your milestones always remain the same. You must actively destroy all milestones within the limit of available bullets and win 3 stars for your excellent performance.

Unlock many new weapons

Game Bullet Man 3D MOD lets you try to feel the behavior with many different weapons. Not only do you get a simple sniper rifle in the first level, but you also have the ability to unlock additional grenades, explosives, mortars, and more. To get them, you just need to strive to exceed the levels to accumulate bonus points. When you reach a certain level, the game will automatically open new weapons for you. More advanced weapons give more complete firepower, increased damage, and better accuracy. However, the consequences of the game screen depend on your aiming skills. Please reuse every weapon you have on hand to create achievements.

Tips to play the game well

If you are still struggling with your levels in this game. Many of the tips below are likely to make your playing more coherent.
Shooting into the wall: sounds like a collision, right? However, instead of shooting at the target (Red stickman warriors, you can try shooting at the wall. The bullets can bounce off the wall and damage the target in a zigzag path. That is the method. so you can destroy multiple targets at the same time with just one bullet, as long as you aim accurately.

Shoot at obstacles: in many levels, there are several obstacles such as spike balls, wooden walls, bombs, exploding drugs… The best way is to shoot at them to greatly influence the indicators. Spend around obstacles.

Shoot 1 second before: this rule can be understood as you need to shoot at the designated point 1 second before the target arrives. Targets will always move and not stand in one place. Consider their movement trajectory and aim to shoot at the appropriate time.
Decide your goals wisely: goals should be characterized by massive bosses, followed by constantly moving targets, and finally stationary targets.
In general, Bullet Man 3D MOD at KHUMOD.COM is a playful and addictive behavioral game, right? It will make you excited with coordinated shooting levels that are both easy to play and difficult to master. Dense moving objects will make it difficult for you to face. So, apply interesting tips to finish your quota and get 3 stars after each level to unlock new weapons.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 4 months trước

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