Cat Fred Evil Pet. Horror game Mod APK 1.0.6 (Remove ADS)

Cat Fred Evil Pet. Horror game Mod APK 1.0.6 (Remove ADS)

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Capacity 44MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.0.6

General introduction to Cat Fred Evil Pet. Horror game Mod

Cat Fred Evil Pet. Horror game Mod is a scary game that is a bit weird. Opening in a cozy scene with the presence of a cute cat Fred, you will not easily imagine how you are slowly being teased with that little pet in the near future.

The price of taking care of the king without taking care of it thoroughly is this. Cat fred evil pet Mod has a certain problem in a seemingly unsatisfactory way that turns out to be incredibly suitable.
The story is that you just bought a cute cat named Fred. From now on, I will carefully nurture it in every way, from giving it food, drinking, playing, pampering it, taking care of it, making it warm and cozy, and everything. In return, of course, Fred and many other cute cats will become a cuddly friend by your side. It also has the ability to make you catch mice in your family. The house has no trace of any foul-smelling nuisance rats.

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Everything seemed to go smoothly. Let me say it again, this is a scary game. So no matter how much detail you take care of, that cute fred cat will always make displeased moves towards its own lotus.

But once fred gets angry (and he definitely gets angry because the game has to be like that), he will transform from a sweet, sweet kitten into a bad tempered monster. It will start playing a scary game with you. Instead of playing with the mouse, catch the mouse and it will play with you. The owner at one time, because of an unnecessary mistake, became a victim of a cat who enjoyed beating him. Respecting the matchmaker’s scary game of cat and master starts here.

Background in the game

Different from the opening method of other games, cat fred evil pet MOD has a very unusual opening method. It was the warm, familiar face at the beginning that made users completely fall apart when they went through their metamorphosis and metamorphosis period. You didn’t expect that you would now be the victim, the one being hunted by your once beloved cat.

The peaceful period only lasts about 4 days. If any negligence occurs, you immediately reap the bitter fruit. It proves that the user must try their best to care for their cat, completely, for 4 consecutive days. If we cannot overcome this period, we will immediately fall into a deep hole that will continue to haunt us for days to come.

Fascinating details

Obsession is when the cat becomes unusually large when it is dissatisfied with the owner’s care regime. On the one hand, you have to preserve your life because if Fred detects or smells it, we will be torn apart by him like a mouse. In addition, you have to find a way to escape from your own house. It sounds easy, but it’s absolutely not. Because that small house with simple structure is now under the control of that oversized cat. It masters the nooks and crannies of the family and you become small compared to it. Fred has the ability to hunt you down like a cat catches a mouse.

To organize yourself after a period of escape from the search and escape from the apartment, you will need to do a lot of things. First, find a solution to open all the doors, entrances, and places that are most likely to make you run away every time you have the opportunity. Don’t let yourself fall into a situation where you’re forced into a tight situation with no available escape route.

Later you will start to encounter many items in the house that affect the puzzles presented by Fred the cat to their owners. It could be a hand-written book with quirky questions about pet care, or about any other topic that Fred wants to wonder about. By calmly answering these questions correctly, you will slow down Fred’s steps. Value of puzzles in the game cat fred evil pet MOD.

It’s very difficult, so prepare yourself mentally first.

Remember that once a prey animal, your previously good cat will stop at nothing to act against its owner.
Why did the cat become so violent?
If things do turn out to be worse than you can imagine, not only will you have to find a way to avoid being hunted by kitten Fred, and avoid the house. You should also find the cause of everything. Why did the good cat become so formidable and crazy? And why do you become their first and only victim and not anything else?

Reveal small details

Reveal a little. Remember the name of the restaurant you went to at the beginning of the game to bring Fred home. Is it related to the old grandfather and grandmother’s game of chasing and solving puzzles to avoid the apartment of the famous old pervert? It’s possible that those violent perverts mixed something into Fred’s food, quietly spreading evil on the poor kitten before it returned home to you. Need to find all the scary secrets behind Fred’s transformation and solve many things before you have no way to return home.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 3 weeks trước

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