Cat Snack Bar MOD APK 1.0.90 (MOD MENU, Unlimited Money and Gems, Cook Faster, Increase Staff Speed)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Money and Gems, Cook Faster, Increase Staff Speed
Capacity 115MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.0.90

Do you want to lead a restaurant run by animals? cat snack bar game will give you a pleasurable experience. Information revolves around the trading activities of animals. Based on that will be met by cute cats. The milestone is maintained and progresses, turning the first small restaurant into a strong empire. Gradually, the number and interest increased. Make yourself the top prosperous boss in the game adapted from publisher treeplla. The game is played offline, with features offered for free. Based on that, we will cooperate with cats in our restaurant. welcome and satisfy the animals who come to savor a variety of dishes and drinks.

Download Cat Snack Bar – manage a cat snack bar with businesses

Create a stack to increase your cute cat restaurant. At first, the work started from a small row in a large plot of land on the street. The cat who cooks will work without rest to cook delicious dishes. To satisfy every animal that comes to nibble. As an administrator, there are things you have to do to create and develop from a small store into a large restaurant. You must be diligent about managing differences. come up with business plans to fit the restaurant structure being built. At the same time use money to upgrade your store. To shape a passive source of income over time to gain a huge amount of wealth.
Meet cat guests

At first, business was done at a small shop in a residential area. One by one, cute cats will come to your booth. Visitors to the store will give orders with clear dishes. From the moment of reception, it is necessary to organize cooking and serving, in order to serve the guests as soon as possible. Be careful not to make your cat wait too long, as this will make them unhappy. And they will quit if they wait and still don’t receive the food they ordered. On the contrary, if you help your consumers feel satisfied when they arrive at the counter. Since receiving food likes it in the quickest amount of time, they will pay to make you increase your sales.

More and more consumers come

Over time, restaurants increased. Try to respond well to receive satisfaction from cats. Will help increase your store’s score to be known by many other cats. From there, it attracts their attention to come to the restaurant to eat the food. The number of buyers coming is more and more crowded than before. That will make the receptionist have to work constantly. At this time, you should use money to upgrade further. Develop business methods to accommodate large numbers of cat visitors. Based on that, it will increase sales more, bringing more profits. Create the hottest restaurant in the residential area.

Hire staff and chefs

Let the business of buying and reselling your restaurant grow. Need to use income to invest. Based on that, hire more kitchen staff and reception staff. In order to accommodate a large number of people and help them not have to wait long. There are many personnel here with different functions. For example, the cook is responsible for cooking, serving, cleaning, and serving drinks. Based on that, each employee will need an uneven amount of money to hire to work. In addition, reinforcement (upgrading) is required to improve working speed. Help your restaurant accommodate all feline guests under all circumstances, albeit at the most popular times.

Plenty of food and water

Wish to accept every request of the cat when coming to the restaurant. There should be an extensive menu for them to decide on. Started selling sandwiches to satisfy the first customers. Later, I was forced to cook many other attractive dishes. Such as soups, sandwiches, pizza and more. Each dish will be made from many different ingredients to create outstanding deliciousness. However, the time to refine a food for everyone will be different. Not to mention drinks will be required. The restaurant has the ability to buy and sell lemonade, water, coffee and more.

Cat Snack Bar Version MOD APK Features

• Unlimited money and gems

You should develop your restaurant business model. Start from a small establishment, gradually develop each area. Upgrade equipment, stoves and processing machines. From there, not only can we buy and sell products for customers to take home, but we can also satisfy them with meals at the restaurant. Based on that, you have the ability to create your own empire. There is a large animal restaurant.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 8 months trước

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