Dead Ahead MOD APK 4.0.2 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, God Mode, Onehit)

MOD MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, God Mode, Onehit
Capacity 90MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 4.0.2

Dead Ahead is a great planning game that you should not miss. The world is immersed in a ruckus with bloodthirsty zombies. You and the rest of your friends need to stick together to survive and defend the bus – your unique refuge. The game’s playing style is a combination of tower defense and role playing. You should create a flawless squad to resist, while being able to monitor each warrior’s behavior in battle. Each type of soldier unit has unique characteristics and many possibilities for being freely renovated. Build them into your plan to increase your energy and success in every program. Challenges are always there to hinder you, what about you? Are you ready with the most perfect fighting force?

Download Dead Ahead MOD – defend against zombies in a post-apocalyptic world

Dead Ahead once again carries a post-apocalyptic theme in its information and gameplay, similar to many hot mobile games at the moment. However, we can identify new and exciting points in this game that have never existed before. Situations with bloodthirsty zombies will test your spirit and your plans.But actually, in contrast to these things, the way the game is built will harmonize many things. It builds objects in a quite playful chibi form, combined with traditional pixel images. Therefore, we will see many things that are quite close to nature to play for a long time. The battles are thrilling and engaging but no less humorous, do you love this? The game is available here for free download on your phone.

Set up into a formation according to your plan

The main content of the game is the protective battles between the two sides, the last survivors and the vicious zombies. The only remaining place for humanity is old buses, and they are determined to survive and defend there. To do this, you should combine the strongest people to resist the zombies flooding the city. Each human organization may have its own advantages, and you should understand this before gathering your forces. In addition, as the enemy becomes stronger and more numerous, you must know how to upgrade organizations to improve their fighting ability.

There are likely 3 main groups of units in this game, which are ranged snipers, melee soldiers, and close range snipers. Members with high HP and agility and are provided with bulletproof vests are melee soldiers. This group of soldiers is often used to lead battle forces, ensure the safety of following groups of soldiers and help attack. Meanwhile, gunners are the individuals who cause the main damage. Although there are quite a few units, you can diversify your plans.

The challenges are becoming more and more difficult

Later levels in dead ahead will add more obstacles to previous levels. Your enemies will become more and more numerous and there will be dozens of new outstanding industries. At first, they are likely just weak and slow-moving zombies. However, don’t be reckless, you are likely to encounter monsters that have the ability to jump, are immune to attack abilities and more. At that time, you should have a new plan to fight them. Eliminating zombies in each level will bring you gold coins. However, gold coins are also likely to be found in wooden barrels and iron barrels on the walkway.

And yet, you should add more troops over time, at the same time providing them with preparations, weapons and armor…. A variety of weapons will be unlocked to provide attack power. more complete, such as axes, bombs, mines, molotov cocktails and grenades.

Pixel images, chibi construction

With its pixelated visual style, the game reflects an unusual traditional beauty. You can see the urban landscape engulfed in darkness, fire, bullets and landmines. Gunshots and bomb explosions all echoed loudly, accompanied by exciting fire and explosion effects. But actually, photos of objects with a chibi structure will help harmonize the force. The game still doesn’t lose a little bit of essential humor.

It can be seen that Dead Ahead is a captivating game with gameplay that is both challenging and playful. It will excite you with the levels of defense against zombies. The planning point is the best, requiring your experience and cunning. Explore it now, unlock unique warriors and more preparations for your battle.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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