Doorman Story MOD APK 1.13.5 (Unlimited Money, Resources)

MOD Unlimited Money, Resources
Capacity 155MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.13.5

Doorman Story is a game about hotel management in an idle style. It gives you the opportunity to review your skills when working as a leader, a receptionist, a receptionist and more. We will work diligently to turn a small motel near the street into a royal hotel, a tourist destination for VIP guests such as world-famous football players, artists, and business people. … To play this game you only need to perform a few simple steps on the phone screen, but you need diligence, patience and an effective business plan. More than just controlling and satisfying tourist rooms, you are also more likely to unlock excellent food and ideal drinks. In addition, you are likely to develop a hotel system that shines on five continents.

Download Doorman Story MOD – imaginative gameplay of creating and managing a hotel

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a hotel tycoon, this game will satisfy you right away. It is the area where we will work as managers. Your goal is to satisfy tourists to make money, thereby strengthening and developing your dream hotel system. However, buying, reselling and controlling is never as easy as you think. You should go up from a small inn near the street with only two personnel. What you need to do is control and manage human resources for daily tasks at the hotel in a way that pleases everyone. Many tourists come here to relax. So, let’s make their vacation different and leisurely.

Turn the hotel into a luxury hotel

At the beginning of the game, you receive an invitation to take control of a small hotel with only 4 rooms and 2 employees. Your job is to turn it into the leading luxury urban tourist destination. Because the journey is long but full of joy and profit. So, what do you need to do? Guests will automatically go to your motel and book. You should manage the reception staff to work quickly so that guests are more likely to enter the room immediately. During consumption, they are likely to ask for drinks or food. You should call the waiter and bring them breakfast or lunch. From the moment you leave, the customer will pay you. And you must soon arrange the room to be ready to welcome new guests.

The control sequence is just that way, and you only need to touch the target group to communicate and operate. But, we will see many things arise as consumers become more and more numerous. A long line of people waiting to make reservations, many food orders waiting to be fulfilled. You should work quickly and have an effective human resource management roadmap to meet needs. Because your hotel is not just a place to relax. We will make a lot of money from the accompanying solutions.

Develop hotel system to many places

We will continue at any level in the doorman story. The game allows you to develop and edit endlessly. Consumers are growing in number, demanding more room to enjoy, faster response speeds and more items on the menu. We will suffer more but become more and more prosperous. When you reach a certain level, you can unlock new hotels. They can be located across the globe in exciting locations to explore. Your goal is to manage the entire hotel system to continuously increase profits. And we will soon become a hotel boss in the city and around the world.

Use boosters

Instead of hiring more staff, you can use boosters to change the response schedule. They help you deal with long lines of customers waiting at the reception or in their rooms. Additionally, you are more likely to create multiple foods simultaneously to satisfy hungry consumers without necessarily making it all yourself. Boosters also help you renovate your hotel faster to quickly achieve first-class criteria. We will see a real explosion in many of our hotels through powerful boosters like these.

Build playful and lively animations

The hotel environment appears visually before your eyes with bustling daily activities. The flow of people coming in and out and every movement of the staff is full of vitality and joy. Through animation construction, the images in the game become even more intimate. The environment felt at any time is filled with brilliant nuances and bustling background music.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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