Dragon City Mobile MOD APK 23.14.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Immortal, Massive Damage)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Immortal, Massive Damage
Capacity 135MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 23.14.0

Creating a new city as a place for dragons to live is what you need to do in dragon city phone. They become human pets. We will rehearse our beasts to create warriors, to fight other dragons. Lay eggs and give birth again. Let’s create farms to take care of baby dragons, feed them to make them bigger. The work of entertainment, sleep must be on time. Clearly prioritize dragons to grow as quickly as possible. Each guy has 5 levels corresponding to 5. When reaching max, the power will be super terrible, having conditions to immerse yourself in the top battles. In pvp mode, you can compete with other dragon leaders around the world. Make friends, chat, lead their dragon care experience. Build knowledge after battles. Grow your farm to grow, progress to a larger scale.

Download dragon city mobile – create your own dragon city

Starting from the maintenance steps, we will let the mother dragon incubate the eggs and hatch into a baby dragon, with a lovely shape. They are small, so they do not have the strength, can attack and hide in the form that cannot be separated. Customers will raise them to grow bigger by feeding outstanding fruits. When the dragon has increased, reaching higher Levels, the appearance will change, looking much more muscular. At that time you have the talent to bring your beast to war with other opponents. After the battle is won, we will receive the bonus, continuously buy more eggs and incubate the mother dragon. Just like that, gradually the dragon farm will be formed. Various shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Pay attention to the separation of habitats between species. Because each dragon species will have its own nuances, the corresponding environmental conditions are required to increase. At higher levels, they will become larger in size. The ability to attack and ensure safety is also much stronger.

Collection of different types of dragons

More than 1000 species of dragons for you to breed, creating a rich and powerful army. Get all kinds of items, to be able to unlock new dragons. Create a more developed dragon city, many farms, and a luxurious breeding area. Each type of dragon has its own way of raising. When hatching, you need to clean up and separate them immediately to ensure the highest survival rate. The common food of all species is fruit. Let’s plant apple trees in the garden, creating the most promising source of nutrients for dragons to grow.

Train dragons

As soon as the eggs hatch into baby dragons, start practicing dragons. for them to create warriors, capable of fighting, will take a lot of time and effort. Feed the dragon daily snacks, do physical exercises to help the body absorb energy faster. Firstly, it has an extremely small size, quite cute and funny appearance. After a period of exercise, gradually muscles will be formed, firmer. The shape also changed to be taller, much more muscular. Now they have the conditions to join you in the fight.

Let’s Upgrade Dragon

You should notice in the combatant section showing the dragons you are holding. There are 5 ranks worthy of 5. The time of hatching, and by default the new dragons are already level 1 at first. Upgrade the power numbers to improve the fighting ability to be more complete. On the dragon battlefield, the animal with a weaker level will lose, and the physical strength will be reduced because of many other great attacks. Use your player with level 5 to enter the competition. Grant warriors certain powers so they can do more in this city.

Pictures and sounds

Dragon city mobile is created and will increase the value on the 3d photo background. The image of the dragons is built quite politely, with a high level of identity. Colorful to mention the dragon effects when spewing sparks, freezing, spraying water are extremely pleasing to the eye. In reality you will never see such scenes. Only unique in this gameplay, amateurs can imagine the aesthetic of the legendary dragon. Not only the picture, the sound value is also extremely good. Dragon sounds are arranged by level. After increasing, they will have very attractive new sounds.
Simple playing technique, helps to relax, entertain and reduce stress. In battle we will not need to make too big gestures. When it’s your turn, just choose what you want to use, and your dragon will automatically attack the surrounding enemies. The two sides keep fighting in turn until a loser is determined. The battles won, we will receive an amount of coins and profitable items. Use this reward to repair the strength of the warriors. Download dragon city mobile with dragons to join the fierce battle.



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Update: 1 year trước

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