Eatventure MOD APK 1.14.5 (MOD MENU, Unlimited money, Skill Point)

MOD MOD MENU, Unlimited money, Skill Point
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Version 1.14.5

Go beyond cooking and enjoy cooking your own delicious dishes in the eatventure game. You will start your cooking trip in a small restaurant but aim for a big milestone. Your aspiration when you cook and enjoy is to become the owner of a high-end restaurant that cooks and enjoys. This will be the area where you manage your food sales with talented staff. However, now you can only cook and enjoy and the road to building a restaurant is still long. Because of that, you should be patient with cooking and enjoy and accumulate profits to fulfill your aspirations. Start your own kitchen career and aim to own a high-end restaurant system in the future.
Your cooking career arose from a small restaurant thanks to your excellent kitchen skills. And your food sales went very well because a dozen people came to support the food you cooked. That’s why you think there is a possibility that one day you will be the manager of a food restaurant. However, buying and reselling should accumulate over time and you should not be in a hurry. You should keep cooking attractive dishes for consumers and save money to open a restaurant. When you have your own restaurant, cooking will become easier. Start a restaurant that sells your food and continuously make money from your excellent kitchen skills.

Download Eatventure MOD – overcome the reputation of a restaurant owner

You start your dream of becoming your own restaurant owner from a small restaurant. However, many of your dishes are very delicious and are liked and supported by many customers. Therefore, you have started to trust yourself more in cooking and receiving food orders. You also pay more attention to customer reviews and change the kitchen industry. And the management of the restaurant is also taken care of by you alone and you oversee all spending on food and drinks. This is the basis for you to advance to the restaurant management position when you have enough requests. Continue your kitchen activities and continuously advance in your career as a restaurant owner.

Take away the restaurant

The restaurant where you cook and enjoy should be in a place that attracts the attention of gourmets who come to eat and drink. So you should choose a location for your restaurant and then decide to build it in a highly professional way. Customers come to the counter to taste many dishes and they must know what your cooking can enjoy. You now need to create a menu with many dishes so that they can easily make a decision. Many of the above dishes on the menu will also conquer your culinary skills. However, building a restaurant must be built quickly for you to gain business. Decide on the path to building a restaurant and nurture your dream of owning a restaurant system.

Be a shop owner

You have built a professional restaurant from a small restaurant and it’s time for you to own the restaurant. Now you will become the person who organizes the restaurant’s activities and personnel. You will have to hire staff and arrange and adjust sales plans to achieve high sales. The chefs in the restaurant will help you cook the dishes on the food list for consumers. And the quick waiters will bring the requested dishes to the table for them to enjoy. All their work should run smoothly and you will become the total supervisor. Manage your restaurant thanks to the staff who act as restaurant owners.


Continue restaurant operations

Your counter has been operating smoothly under the supervision of an individual owner like you. However, your restaurant must continue to operate continuously to satisfy gourmets. Therefore, you should organize marketing activities to help your restaurant become famous. Food advertising activities will help customers know more about your cooking skills. And you can use media to help the restaurant you own become popular. However, you also need to pay attention to consumers at this time so that they are more satisfied with you. Use marketing activities to help you increase your restaurant business.

Your restaurant system that sells food starts from a small, not famous restaurant. However, admitting your culinary talent has quickly conquered even the most uncompromising gourmets. The number of shoppers ordering your dishes is larger and you have enough capital to open a restaurant. Having your restaurant successfully built and put into operation is tiring. Opening a restaurant is also the first step when you become a restaurant owner. However, that’s not all the marketing things you should pay attention to in order to continue operating your restaurant. Let’s download Eatventure to challenge yourself in the field of restaurant management.



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