Faily Brakes MOD APK 31.1 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Capacity 100MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 31.1

Faily Brakes is a game that lets you drive on difficult terrain. It is not a flat paved road, it only occupies a small part of the levels. Users face problems such as vehicle bogged down on mountains and brake damage. Unfortunately, the car lost its brakes and went downhill at high speed, forcing you to react quickly to avoid accidents. Faily brakes do not require a highly qualified driver. Obstacles will become obstacles that will cause you trouble if you bump into them. No one likes to end up flying out of the cockpit and lying on the sidewalk. However, because of the common outcome of all players, you need to accept it.

Download Faily Brakes MOD – Safe driving game

Note the coins on the road and avoid obstacles cleverly. Faily Brakes gives you an endless journey without a stopping point. The longer the distance traveled, the more points and rewards the user receives. That’s why I think you can’t overcome it with just one incident. The user’s overall ending marks the achievement after each challenge. Let’s start driving happily with people on roads with dozens of dangers.

Quick response is one of the most important things for users. If there is no need for unexpected problems to arise, you should minimize unnecessary disagreements as much as possible. Faily Brakes gives you a vehicle with incomplete components. At a minimum, the user must not apply the brake. Even though there was a risk of an accident, the car still went extremely fast. In just a short period of time, will you be smart enough to make the correct moves? A 4-wheeled vehicle is likely to crash into a cliff, obstacle, or other vehicle, causing the subject to be more or less injured and likely to be unconscious if there is a strong impact.

Go beyond physical barriers

Rivers, rocks, trees, trains and other vehicles are all objects you should avoid while traveling. In order to avoid stopping driving, you will have to ensure that the vehicle is not affected and unfortunate problems occur. This game does not give users the right to increase speed. It automatically changes randomly during driving. Many times this will make you startled and face many situations where you cannot react in time. The fact that the level must stop at the same time is relatively easy to understand as the difficulty increases more and more.

Destroy obstacles

Shields and weapons are things that can destroy obstacles from afar. You can’t avoid obstacles forever, but they arise more and more. Throwing them away from a distance is a wise solution to increase stability for the endless journey. Use items that suit you to destroy all obstacles quickly. But also remember to control the vehicle in the correct trajectory. Just a little distraction is enough to cause both people and vehicles to crowd into the abyss.

Discover new cars and clothes

Cars in the game are different from usual, they all have special shapes. Instead of using sturdy objects like a steel frame, the cockpit could be a pumpkin. Faily Brakes creates a fun gameplay based on photography. Furthermore, the subject also has many ways to change clothes to make the photo more unique. Many new outfits, hats, and many other preparations. Let the driver who works with you experience sudden changes in all aspects.

If you want to know the end of the game mode in faily brakes, I’m afraid this is impossible. The longer we drive, the more people we will encounter, the more challenges and obstacles we will encounter. No one is capable of reaching the finish line in endless gameplay. However, each level marks your development with a specific score. Download the faily brakes mod to create someone who drives off-road and deals with accidents in the most stable way.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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