Fallout Shelter MOD APK 1.15.13 ( MOD Menu, Unimited Money, Speed)

MOD MOD Menu, Unimited Money, Speed
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Version 1.15.13

Fallout Shelter, with its ubiquitous play style, is suffering from the consequences of nuclear disasters. A situation designed based on the serious harm that people are experiencing. I think everyone sees that governments are looking for solutions that do not choose nuclear weapons because of its great influence. On the ground today, it is losing more and more stability, users play a leading role in creating underground architectural works. Fallout shelter adjusted to a new life for tens of millions of people adapting to living in another area. However, the bunker will be a place for humanity to survive for a long time while the harmful effects of nuclear radiation still exist. Planning for citizens to have a safe life starts today.
Seeing with my own eyes the destructive power of nuclear disasters. No one wants to be the victim when the problem occurs the next time. You are our new direction finder, fallout shelter focuses on underground gathering. Build houses for residents according to the apartment structure and control their lives. In addition, you also have a few potentially formidable animals such as rats and mice. Many things need to be handled to survive underground.

Download Fallout Shelter MOD – create a new life for residents

You are no different from the leader of a country, the only difference is that at this moment you are all facing survival. Build a new life for the residents here by building more architectural works. Temporarily forgetting the amenities of the past, today the most important point is to support people to be able to exist in the new environment. Fallout shelter has two things you should do first is because there is a power source and enough shelter for the population. Maybe you don’t understand, but humans are less likely to exist without light. In addition, you will also be disturbed by animals living underground.

Talented subjects

There are many objects in fallout shelter for users to decide. They can stand out on their own, so collect that right advantage to keep your happiness index at record levels. Each object has numbers that you can control such as strength, charisma, intelligence, perception, endurance, agility, and luck. Assign tasks that match your abilities to support faster progress. They will be happy with your management. If the happiness index is low, it is considered a loss in the process of creating a new life for the residents.

Research room

In order for everyone to have a stable life, you can make two decisions: stimpacks and radaway. Create a research lab to help populations surviving after pandemics or ravages of rats and cockroaches. In fact, the money for this is quite expensive, but in return your people do not have to die. In other words, this is a place to help people resist the dangers of disease.

Get resources

Even though life is underground, you still have to have a few resources to create. Exploring the environment always has two sides, you can most likely find what you want but you also have to face dangers. Many terrible things can happen at any time you need to be ready to fight. You should only let a lot of people out to prepare and use essential materials. It seems like a dangerous act, but people can’t help but do it.
Fallout Shelter allows users to overcome the nuclear crisis that puts pressure on humanity’s survival. You are hope for the citizens, progressing with the new environment. Help them have a life and get married and have children, the number of people living there will increase as you have to deal with different problems. Download Fallout Shelter MOD for a new and turbulent life, and your people will go beyond.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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