Farm City MOD APK 2.10.18 (Unlimited money)

MOD Unlimited money
Capacity 200MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.10.18

Farm City MOD will show you an entire city with outstanding development capabilities. This growth will be accompanied by highly productive livestock and crop farming. Everything that has been built will serve this industry. An entire city will be the most modern farm structures starting from simple things to create outstanding growth. All people can work diligently and enjoy benefits. If you want that, you should have someone with a wise investment plan. Automatically creates changes and reinforces the entire playing process. Therefore, we have the ability to completely control an entire city at the most powerful pace.
The structures that make up the city are familiar to many players. They create value for everyone with endless growth potential. Users can easily find joy while increasing these things. The farm structure will be similar, but with a slightly different path. This means that an entire city will follow the form of a farm. A flawless mix of town administration and farming games. Everyone who experiences it must feel it as if they have it themselves. However, the challenges are still waiting for you ahead, so be fully prepared for many things.

Download Farm City MOD – create a farming city

With just one small town, people have realized all the opportunities for development that it can bring. The simplest thing is to grow your farm. People will create infrastructure on the farm and around town. Helping populations have better career opportunities and create results. We have the ability to grow fruit trees and agricultural products. Celebrate the harvest at the right time and provide it to buyers. People also had the ability to care for livestock to harvest essential goods. Introduced to the market with a huge source of profit. All will be collected into your fund and applied for progress.

Interesting jobs

On everyone’s farm, there are many interesting things to do created in the game. These will become daily tasks that farmers should do. If we do not work hard, we will not be able to maintain our ability to produce results. For example, people will take steps such as planting seeds and later fertilizing mature plants. You must provide water and fertilize regularly at warning time. Then comes the time to care for your pets. Harvest milk, meat and eggs to display the business area at its best value. That way we won’t have to worry about the money we earn.

City progression

Once the opportunity to grow on your farm is satisfactory, you can think about further goals. The first is actually making everything around become more modern. People will upgrade the shopping areas with the houses of surrounding residents. Help them also own the copyright to modern biological tools like their own. From there they are more likely to work more productively and pay taxes to everyone. From there we will reinforce other architectural works. Create bigger and more advanced things to use in your own chain. All will be selected and used in the most effective way for a new time to come.

Participate in events

Events in this game will be organized by you. Each time, people will unlock a different type of event. For example, you are more likely to be reminded of events right on the street. It sells a wide variety of products and food. Open big music events to attract more people to watch, shaping big events with different themes throughout the year. Based on that you also have the ability to play mini games to earn extra money. Promote the greatest benefits that our cities are capable of receiving. From there you can maintain these events at a larger level. Create more success when organizing.
Assuming a complete lack of effort, people’s urban areas will not increase. It will all depend on how well you can figure out your business plan. Everyone should wisely reinforce all the structures they have. Just in time to repair the damage and establish additional public buildings. Let’s download Farm City MOD and enjoy this game with us!



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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