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Have you ever observed fireworks displays high in the sky? Inspired by that, the developer Amarjsb created a fireworks simulator 3D game. This is a game that simulates a bustling fireworks display. Paired with a 3D graphics base to recreate the images. Adopt a first-person perspective to play as an object. Next circulate and perform different tasks in the development environment. You can choose from a variety of fireworks with different colors and shapes. Use them to build a shooting stand in your own way. To shape wonderfully beautiful artistic fireworks displays. From there, savor the results that you yourself have created and look at them from the most superior perspective.

Download Fireworks Simulator 3D MOD – DIY style fireworks simulator

As released a while ago about the game’s information. With 3D graphics to simulate vivid environments. Along with the value of clear photos to represent the surrounding landscape. Outstanding performance is one of the many points that make users stand out during participation. Through the different types of fireworks that are lit will create beautiful scenes in the sky. Expressed through rich nuances created in an artistic manner. It doesn’t end there, to add more authenticity and excitement during the game. The sound sequence has been reproduced very realistically. From the explosions from fireworks in the sky, you will feel like you are enjoying a real life performance.

Intuitive control solution platform

Play as an object to immerse yourself in fireworks displays. The first-person perspective will give you a general overview. Along with the driving solution platform, it is built to be simple and intuitive for ease of use. Adopt cross-platform touch and hold solution in joystick form to change and move objects. This function is displayed in the left corner of the screen. Furthermore, there are separate symbols to perform different behaviors. Includes hand symbols to communicate with fireworks. Tap and swipe to align the aspect of the cannon the way you want. The square symbol is used to place the fireworks below the ground. The burner symbol is used to create fire to light the fuses of firecrackers.

Single player mode

Follow the open play style of fireworks simulator 3d game. In single player mode you can independently explore the environment. Do what you enjoy without any restrictions. Visit different locations and use endless fireworks. Many possibilities to create art products in the sky. However, you must pay close attention to practice. Arrange the position and adjust the aspect of each type of artillery. From there, it is possible to create exciting performances in the sky. It doesn’t end there, in this mode you will not be limited in playing time. Lots of possibilities to get creative with a variety of fireworks to create stunningly beautiful results.

Online play mode

If you find it boring after a while of playing by yourself. There is the possibility of coming to online mode for a few people. Here can expose all of us to other players. Join them in creating exciting fireworks displays. At the same time, they compete to see who can make beautiful products. But you should comply with the conditions to play in crowd mode. Before the scheduled time, you must choose the person to play the role. At the same time, take your target’s name to initiate participation. That time will be randomly matched with several other players.

Various fireworks

There are many different fireworks produced by the game. The difference between them is expressed through nuances. Based on that, you can decide not to charge all fireworks in the game. Through shops and restaurants, choose each type sequentially. At the same time, the differences between types of artillery are also expressed through the way they are fired. For example, it is possible to shoot into the sky at an infinite height and have a small explosion level. Or fire continuously to light up the sky in a large area. Even better things will be discovered when you join the game.

No matter what mode you play in, there are many map options. Here fireworks simulator 3d offers many different maps. Including forests, vacant lots, movie theaters and more. In each location, the environment and landscape are not uniform. At the same time, there is the ability to customize lighting conditions. For example, during the day and late at night, you can shape the fireworks display.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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