Fishing Life MOD APK 0.0.206 (Unlimited Money)

MOD Unlimited Money
Capacity 95MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 0.0.206

Fishing Life Mod is built with the fun of catching fish that is becoming more and more widely known. Catching fish is a hobby for many individuals, it helps relieve the drama from productive work. You are more likely to sit comfortably alone with a fishing rod on the boat to find the big fish. Fishing Life Mod has the ability for the user to become a highly specialized fishing rod. You do not have to pay by the hour like at the fishing lake, the game lets you catch fish endlessly. Forget about what made you feel bad. Under the sea there are many different fish, of course everyone wants to catch big fish. Before you can do that, however, start a new relationship with fishing for smaller fish first.

Control the boat to move away gradually, find a smooth area for catching fish and releasing the hook. Catching fish is quite easy like in a fishing hook, because the gameplay style of this game is not entirely focused on industry. With the fishes are not large, you are very simple to catch them. However, the big fish deep in the sea is what users want to achieve. You need to drop the hook wisely and have a lure enough to catch their eye. There are also many situations where the user is quite well equipped, but in the end, he can catch a blue-scale fish or a hyacinth. You don’t have to have a good bait to catch big fish.

Download Fishing Life Mod – Relaxing fishing game at sea

Bait, fishing rod are two key things for every fishing trip. You can buy bait in the shop or use the fish caught as bait. If the level is too low, the user cannot catch big fish. Therefore, tools are not the only thing to get. Going from someone who initially catches fish to reaching great power is not always easy. The night scenery is very beautiful and dreamy, sometimes a shooting star goes fast. Fishing Life Mod makes a suitable environment for super suitable fishing. The sharks and blue sperm whales will soon fit in the fish net if you are persistent and patient enough. Let every journey have value.

Prepare your belongings before fishing

Fishing rod, bait, and boat are the three things to equip each time you choose to go fishing. The user has the ability to identify the items in the counter. Remember that not every expensive bait will get you big fish. However, to catch big fish, you must have a good enough bait. There are many different boats. You will start with a wooden boat, if you need to travel longer distances and hold more fish, choose a great boat.

Buy and upgrade your fishing rod

No matter how good you are at catching fish, you can’t do well with a bad rod. Sell your catch and use the money to raise your rods, reels, and lines. We will cast the hook further with the new length and acceptable support when encountering large fish. This is quite expensive, so if you want to have a good rod right away, use this Fishing Life Mod mod.

Buy new fishing characters

Fishing Life Mod has few objects to choose from. There are 4 subjects divided by level from novice fisherman, amateur level, expert level, and great. This does not mean that if you buy an object, the fishing capacity will be increased. The unique feature of each object is to increase the bonus for each fish catch, a record high of 40%. That’s a bargain for you.

Take care of the fish in your tank and get gold

When you have just caught a fish, you have two options, sell or take care of the fish. If there is no need to sell, you can keep the fish and take care of them in the aquarium. There is little space, but of course, if you need to take care of many fish, buy more slots. Let the fish’s eyes enjoy to have enough energy, then you will gain gold. If you let the fish go hungry, you will not be able to generate revenue from them.

Get the chest at the bottom of the sea

During the maritime migration, there are dozens of chests containing mysterious rewards. Take and open them. Gold is what I usually get every time I open a chest. Do not leave the chest too large without opening, so there is no space to record a new chest.

Traveling with a fishing rod on a boat, you bring back many new fish in the net. How long the journey is likely to last depends on the user’s wishes. Increase the ability to catch fish and share it with acquaintances. Download the game fishing life mod to enjoy the fun of catching fish, remove the unwell of life and be comfortable.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

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