Galaxiga MOD APK 24.45 (MENU, Immortality, Free Shopping, Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

MOD MENU, Immortality, Free Shopping, Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Capacity 150MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 24.45

Galaxiga mod is a shooting game with old gameplay but still not outdated compared to the new era. This game is committed to providing you with explosive space shooting battles just like traditional games. When playing the game, you take on the role of the leader of space warships. Your mission is to defend the earth from the attack of powerful alien hordes. This is a long-term defense battle and needs to be experienced over many periods of time. You should overcome each period if you want to explore new challenges. Remember to upgrade your space ship to make it more powerful. There are many resources and ship types available in the shop.

Download Galaxiga MOD APK – classic way to play space shooting

Traditional fly shooting games are the main positive emotion for galaxiga’s rise. Thanks to that, we will see that this game has the unique characteristics of the traditional space shooting game series. In addition, you will also find many new functions here. It has a new fleet of space ships with a mode-appropriate design and a variety of unique capabilities. Furthermore, it offers many different modes, allowing you to play alone, work with friends or compete with online players. Every mode comes with super cool rewards.

Make sure the galaxy is safe from aliens

Notably, you can change the difficulty level with 3 levels , easy, normal and hard if you play in normal mode , we can monitor all the events happening at the time you play the  game. The game is about a long journey of resistance against the powerful invasion of aliens. This trip will go through many periods. In each period, you need to overcome many enemy attacks with an increasingly abundant source of energy. In between periods, the game also has a super exciting boss battle. This is an opportunity to earn great rewards and enjoy the stages

Besides the normal mode, the game also has a multiplayer mode. Based on that, you can co-op with friends and form your own space team. Or you can immerse yourself in challenging and exciting 1v1 or 1v3 matches. These modes also require you to feel and think hard about how to overcome your opponents without being inferior to them. At the same time, battles in pvp mode will affect your leveling achievements in the game. If you enjoy competing with many players, try to climb to the top of the world leaderboard.

Easy control

Like many traditional fly shooting games, galaxiga endless money has very simple controls. Based on that, you just need to touch the screen to move around the ship and eliminate enemies from on the screen. In addition, you should move quickly to avoid bullets, and at the same time shoot accurately at the targets. During the fight, keep an eye out for items falling from above. If you have the ability, you need to recognize them to upgrade your ship and overcome your advantages.

In addition, at later levels, you not only need quickness but also thinking ability to win. In this situation, there are likely to be dozens of enemies with different abilities. Some people just stand in one place and drop bullets, but many others have the ability to move very cleverly. Therefore, you should arrange your enemies to choose special landmarks. You need to focus on enemies that move fast and deal great damage. At the same time, you need to choose a suitable position and keep a distance from the enemy.

Unlock and renovate spaceships

This game will delight you as it brings many unique battleships. Each type of battleship is built with different looks and attributes that represent a different level of power. Furthermore, the space ship chain is classified according to different star numbers. The larger the star number, the more luxurious, modern and powerful the ship. Of course, you cannot unlock all ships from the start. Start with 1-star ships, customize them, and win battles to earn rewards. With earned bonuses, purchase new ships, new gear and beneficial boosters. The more energy, the greater the advantage.

Eye-catching shooting effects

Like previous space shooting games, this game is built with pixelated graphic design. This design will remind you of the beautiful memories of the games  you used to play in your childhood days. The space ship fleet is meticulously built and has eye-catching shooting effects. It is these effects that create the attraction of every battle. Furthermore, the chain of enemies is also very rich. We will be able to interact and confront a series of great boss battleships.

So are you ready for the space battle in the endless diamond galaxiga? You just need to download the game and you can play and enjoy it all the time. Choose your ship and reinforce it your way.

MOD Features Of Galaxiga MOD APK

  • Immortal,
  • Free Shopping,
  • Unlimited Money, Diamond


Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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