Grow Castle MOD APK 1.39.4 (Menu, Lots of Money, One Hit, Immortality)

MOD Menu, Lots of Money, One Hit, Immortality
Capacity 41MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.39.4

General introduction about Grow Castle MOD APK

If you love goal keeper games, grow castle is recommended for you. The main thing you should do is to do many ways to defend the palace. Raon games create all kinds of enemies, making you need a clear plan to defeat them. The subjects here are collectively called heroes. They are always fully prepared to fight, fully prepared to sacrifice to keep the palace intact. Download Grow Castle MOD APK so you don’t have to create a plan to defeat your opponent’s schemes. With the ambition to collapse the palace, you should be wary of them. Respond to many aggressive invasions, not allowing them to take over your territory.

The first important thing you should do is decorate your palace. With a sturdy shape, the palace will stand firmly against invasion attacks from the enemy. Next, you should choose the most elite troops with many different positions. How to arrange troops is also very important, correct placement helps you control the battle. Defense games like Grow Castle always have special results from their playing methods. The possibility of winning quickly or slowly depends on your calculation. Be a talented military leader with clear vision to destroy all enemy strategies.

Download Grow Castle MOD APK – Ensure the safety of your palace

This game is full of fights from easy to difficult. Will the user’s calculations still be effective when facing a strong opponent? Try it now to know when the results of that battle are announced. Not only the strategy, but also the hero group must be modified when the old structure loses its effectiveness. In Grow Castle mod, there is absolutely nothing that exists permanently or in total to help ensure palace safety and territory development.

Attractive fighting game mode

If in battle mode, you only have simple defense levels, don’t rush to think this is an easy game. The real battles are only at the beginning when the map is revealed. The user can go to other palaces to attack. Red Town, Black Town, nonamed arena are brands that are never easy to surpass. But assuming victory, you are granted control of that palace and receive the title. Choose a palace with a low wall protection index first if you don’t need to be crushed by the enemy’s abundant energy source.

Generals in the game Grow Castle

120+ heroes are present in grow castle. It is difficult to name all the names on this list, you can choose any hero and place it on your palace. They will fight according to their ability to resist the enemy’s incoming attacks. Elf, hunter, fire mage, orge, priest… That’s because there are a few heroes right at the top of the list that users can easily see when reading. Since buying the hero, you should upgrade and add stats like damage, duration, and atk. No matter what hero you own, always keep them at their highest level.

Upgrade buildings and Skills

There are dozens of things to upgrade in Grow castle. However, the two main targets that cannot be missed are because of the castle and the archer. Your palaces will be stronger when they regularly change their stats. Not to mention, skills, treasure, exp are items that have quite a lot for you to collect and unlock.
Increase hp and mp to record levels with your ability, as this stat is infinite. You only really fight well when you endure long enough, planning is the second thing that helps you win. Renovate all heroes in the army so that they have the strongest attack power. Download grow castle MOD to your phone to experience it now!



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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