Hungry Dragon MOD APK 5.2 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Dragon)

MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Dragon
Capacity 135MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 5.2

Coming to Hungry Dragon, you can play the role of dragons who are starving for many days. This dragon has distinct features that are distinct from other animals. They need a lot of food to meet their body’s energy requirements. Your main assigned job at the start of the game is to bring them a lot of food. This dragon of yours when hungry will automatically go to find food to ensure life. You can see that their health will be less dense if not enjoyed. Keep an eye on their HP bar in the upper right corner of the phone screen. When this HP bar is about to run out, your beast’s health regeneration is slowly depleted. Quickly distribute the food at the right time to restore their energy. Simple, charming gameplay. Visit Khumod.Com website to download the game right away with admin.

Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK – Survival game with a starved dragon

When participating in Hungry Dragon Game, users feel like they become like nannies of dragons. Must care and care for their health, let them enjoy when they are hungry. Your subject is on the verge of poverty. There are times when you can’t control their behavior. Be careful not to let them destroy or affect everyone around. Many distractions will come to you. The list of dishes in the game is very rich, very diverse. There is enough food for all dragon species. You decide to give your dragon the right food source for the dragon in need. Modify the law of the land daily and hourly food list to help your dragon progress to be more complete. Keep an eye out if you deliver the wrong food their wrong food. Immediately the game will end and you have to start all over from 0. Create the best dragon caretaker.

Use coins to unlock more dragons

In this Hungry Dragon Mod Game, there will be full diamonds, there are many different dragon species for you to choose from. fire-breathing dragons, water-breathing dragons, earthen-like dragons, and ice dragons, etc….. Those are the species I’m talking about. Each species has its own characteristic, a rich source of energy. Please investigate each species. to decide for yourself the one you like best. For example, water dragons, their food is quite easy. You never spend a lot of money on buying food for them. However, many of their energies are weak to some other species. However, you are thinking that they are not as strong as having to stop the challenges in the game. Dragons still have a chance to fly in the sky, overcoming obstacles very easily. Attempts to get more dragon cards. Your animal will be much stronger.

Upgrade your Dragon

Dragon reinforcement in Hungry Dragon Endless Money will not have any target limit. Because the fierce hunger of this species is endless. No matter how much you let them enjoy it. After the amount of kcal will be sold out. We will constantly need to distribute new food to them. You also have the ability to upgrade dragons to higher levels initially. At high levels, dragons will increase their hunger period better. We will no longer have to constantly search for food for them. With lmhmoda’s endless money function. Com you have an endless amount of money. Strengthen your dragon to max. Likely to have a lot of leisure time to do more things. Hang up there and go do other things. When max level is reached. It is possible that you only need to give them a treat once a day.

Other fun jobs

Joining the game your main thing to do is provide food for your dragons. It would be boring all day just doing the same thing over and over again. The game’s publisher saw that this should have created a system of other better jobs. Users will not feel bored at all. Find out the mysterious things in the green forest. You also have the ability with the dragon to fly around the city. Mysterious areas will appear on the map. Let’s search and discover all of them. There are many interesting areas waiting for you to pass.
The best thing that I like most about this game is because of the contest mode. When you take care of your dragon reaches a certain record high. Contests will be suggested for you to participate in. Invite friends to fight the game and compete together to win the cup to become the champion. The rewards for the excellent dragon are extremely valuable. Quickly download Hungry Dragon to play the role of dragons with poverty in search of food.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

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