Jackal Army: Retro Shooting MOD APK 0.0.1523 (Menu, High damage, Defense coefficient)

Jackal Army: Retro Shooting MOD APK 0.0.1523 (Menu, High damage, Defense coefficient)

MOD Menu, High damage, Defense coefficient
Capacity 125MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 0.0.1523

Enjoy arcade fighting in jackal jeep game. This is a game with an active shooter style of play. Happens in a way of walking and fighting. Here, your must do is operate the great jeep made in 1988. Immerse yourself in shooting battles to wipe out the enemy security forces. At the same time, we will experience battles in two different modes. With challenges divided into 3 levels. With modern gameplay, combined with traditional shooting style. With a simple control system, using virtual joystick buttons. Commitment evokes the best fights.

Download Jackal jeep MOD APK – Drive a jeep into the enemy base to rescue hostages

The incident of the jackal jeep sparked World War II. The Invaders attacked the allied army. The battles that broke out were very brutal. Under very strong attack from invaders. Losing the battle, many people lost their lives. At the same time, they took a lot of hostages to regain the foundation. You are a fighting organization of the jackal team. went through harsh drills to create someone who was an elite soldier. assigned the mission of penetrating the fascist foundation. By driving a jeep equipped with weapons. With the purpose of rescuing the hostages. At the same time, destroy the enemies and destroy their military base. Many torments and challenges are waiting ahead. You are forced to find many ways to overcome it and complete the assigned work.

More than a hundred levels and rewards

More than a hundred different levels are available in jackal jeep. That parallel is divided into 3 degrees. Sorted from easy, average and difficult. Each level opens up a thrilling battle. Operate your jeep to do the mission at first. The goal is to free the hostages, eliminate the soldiers, and destroy the enemy’s military base. From the moment you complete the assigned tasks in a level. Depending on your achievements, you will receive many rewards. Contains gold and experience points that help you advance to new levels. In addition, through watching promotional videos, there is the possibility of receiving x3 rewards. Constantly the work has to be renewed in the next level. The difficulty will increase sharply, having to cope with a very strong attack from the defense chain in the enemy platform.

Jeep capabilities, driving capabilities

In progress jeep driver enters enemy platform to do jackal jeep mission. You can move vehicles independently on the battlefield in different directions. The jeep automatically hits targets within range. Stand out if there are many milestones arising at the same time. They are provided with weapons and quickly attack as soon as they discover your position. to be able to outrun the strong defense lines at the enemy base. Require your driver’s ability to be very flexible. Avoid attacks to limit blood loss. At the same time, move wisely to quickly destroy the enemy’s defense line.

Enemy defense agencies

Through the levels of Game Jackal Jeep. Mission to infiltrate enemy platforms to free hostages being held. We will have to deal with too many different security forces. Next to the soldier units are provided with weapons. Can move to chase, capture your jeep. Still have to face helicopters and armored tanks. With a series of anti-aircraft guns and military projects. All targets you should delete and destroy. At the same time, the entire process of fighting within the enemy’s base. Each time destroying one key building block of them. We will be able to get a new source of abundant energy to enhance the shooting capabilities of the jeep.
Jeep renovation is one of the many extremely key points of jackal jeep. Because each level gradually becomes more and more difficult. The battles were super dramatic. Outstanding will have to face fierce resistance from the enemy. Therefore, you are required to prepare additional weapons to adjust the jeep’s abundant energy source. Approves 6 different types of preparation. Includes attack weapons, protective shields, left and right support equipment, left and right processors. The jeep’s capabilities are presented through two technical specifications. Includes damage done when attacking and amount of health.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 2 months trước

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