KUBOOM MOD APK 7.51 (Menu, High Damage, One Hit, Invulnerability, Unlimited Ammo, High Jump, Unlock Costumes,… )

MOD Menu, High Damage, One Hit, Invulnerability, Unlimited Ammo, High Jump
Capacity 80MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 7.51

Kuboom MOD is a first-person shooter (FPS) game with the same visual style as minecraft. It’s been fun for a lot of players, and now it’s your turn. This game has many popular game modes with a variety of weapons, skins, and maps. Not to mention, it offers great rewards that you are likely to receive from any mode. It’s for the inspiration to immerse yourself in the most brutal fps battles. These fights will let you feel the most authentic behavior. Outside, we will be able to compete with friends online on the battlefield and on the leaderboard. Are you fully prepared to do that?

Download Kuboom MOD – Extremely top shooting game on mobile.

The fps type has never been hot in the mobile game business, and kuboom is the same. After many changes, this game becomes more and more refined and advanced. Up to this point, it has 4 main modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch (5v5 mode), boom and zombie (new mode). It can be seen that these are the most popular modes in online shooting games. However, we will discover new feelings in many new assigned tasks in this game. In addition, this is an opportunity to compete with real players. It promises to be the most brutal competition whether in single or team mode.

Describe your ability to survive

From the moment we select the mode, we will spend the next moments on the battlefield. If you choose to play team deathmatch mode, your mission is to accumulate as many kills as possible within the agreed time period. To defeat your opponent, you should coordinate with your allies. In addition, practice continuously to master the ability to survive. You have the ability to create a leader in your team. At that time, use the chat or voice function to chat with allies and develop strategies.
In terms of driving, it is somewhat easier compared to many other games. In detail, you have the ability to move independently, jump, reload, aim and pull the trigger. And yet, you have the ability to transform guns while the battle occurs. Therefore, combine skills and choose appropriate guns to gain advantage on the battlefield. In addition, you should choose a suitable time to reload. In an emergency situation, you should also use grenades. Each choice you make will impact the battlefield situation. In other words, you should have both the ability and the plan to win.

Explore a rich store of information

Kuboom offers a variety of different items in the inventory. Maintain, should refer to object string. There are many different objects with their own abilities and advantages. These are most likely solider (default target), robbie rush (plus 5% damage, accuracy and firing rate), pumpkin, veteran, monkey, engineer, ghost and more. These characters can have different rarities and you need to spend cash to unlock them. The stronger the objects, the higher the price.

Besides, the game also has 4 different types of weapons, including main weapons, secondary weapons, melee weapons and grenades. You are likely to see pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, knives, and more. For guns, each type will have its own attributes in terms of damage index, accuracy, firing speed, reloading progress and ammunition amount. You should choose appropriate weapons if you want to gain advantage over your opponent. What’s more, this game also has more than a hundred skins for weapons, 45 clothes to customize objects. Notably, it allows you to customize weapon parts such as silencers, lasers, sights…

Many maps are unlocked

Up to this point, this game has more than 20 specifically built maps. These can be versus, dust, mansion, domination maps and more. Each map will be built with a different terrain type. Of course, the arrangement of barriers, structures and objects also differs between maps. So, each map will bring a new feeling. You and your team will need your own plan to overcome each map. Consider and reuse your geographical advantage to develop your survival strategy.

3d images with minecraft style

The big difference between this game and other fps games is in the visuals. It is built with a 3D visual base and square block style exactly like the famous Minecraft. This style brings a traditional atmosphere to each of your survival battles. In addition, many things are described very clearly with many architectural works, areas and terrain types. Not to mention, the fighting effects are also quite impressive. Notably, you will enjoy realistic gunfire in every battle.
Quickly download Kuboom MOD at KHUMOD.COM if you need to find an online fps game. This game will satisfy you with its fast-paced shooting style and unique construction style. You will find here the top battles that exist with online friends.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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