Lemon Box MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No ADS)

MOD Unlimited Money, No ADS
Capacity 128MB
Installed on Google Play

Lemon Box is a projection game of opening omega boxes and gift boxes. From there, you will receive eye-catching titles with lots of valuable items. And can get a lot of energy and unlock many new objects. This is a useful prize-winning game, centered around promoting the abilities of the subjects. However, there will be a complete lack of any fighting occurring. What you need to do is increase their abundant energy through clicker operation. Based on that, the game’s information is quite simple, but it brings a great experience. Joining will help you have a fun and relaxing time. Even more outstanding when played in offline mode. This function is 100% free to play and does not require an internet connection.

Download Lemon Box MOD – omega box opening projection game

According to the game’s playing platform at the time of prediction. You just need to touch and click on gift boxes and omega boxes to unlock them and receive rewards. From there you receive random items to use for different jobs. Based on the simple touch solution platform applied. When entering, there will be no guidance from the chain. Even if you are a beginner and immersing yourself in the game for the first time. Just touch and press to unlock. In addition, talking about the game’s information, it lacks depth. This will make many people quickly feel bored over time. Because they have to repeat the same actions too many times.

Over 33 objects to unlock

Come to the projection game of lemonsquad investor. You can explore many different objects. According to investigation information, there were 33 subjects brought in at the time of the meeting. Such as shelly, sandy, nita, colt, bull and more. These are just some of the people whose names have been rumored. There are many other objects that you will specifically examine during the game. Each object is imaged in its own unique way. Presented through facial appearance, hairstyle and typical clothing. Their abundant energy is expressed in abundance. to promote the abilities and improve the subjects’ level. Will consume a large amount of energy.

There are 4 types of omega boxes and 2 types of gift boxes

Coming to Lemon Box, you can unlock many omega boxes with different types. This game has 4 types of omega boxes for you to explore. Includes one omega box that can be opened for free, two boxes that require gems to complete, and one box that can be opened after watching a promotional video. Depending on the value in each omega box, when opened, you can receive many different rewards. Also based on that, when opening an omega box without taking money, the possibility of receiving rewards will be less and the amount of recorded resources will also be low.

Next to the omega boxes you can also receive gift boxes. Since it is revealed, there can be a large number of different items. However, you should keep in mind that to unlock a gift box, you will have to wait a long time. Not only that, you can also unlock gift boxes for free. However, the frequency of acceptance will be scarce.

Unlock many different items

From unlocking omega boxes and gift boxes, many attractive rewards can be revealed. Includes new object cards, gold coins with skull emblems, purple superstar emblems, and yellow superstar emblems. If favorable, you will also receive gems in a certain amount. Depending on each random opening, you will receive different types of rewards. From there, it can be used for different jobs. For example, the golden star symbol will be evoked by an item with a large amount of touches. There is the ability to move into the game’s counter to make various purchases.
To participate, you should use 2 coins bearing the golden superstar logo. According to the platform tap to do tasks during gameplay. A random item that appears multiple times in different areas. You should consider touching accurately, from there it will be recorded and accumulated. During the short period, the countdown reaches 0. Try to tap accurately to get a large amount of valuable items.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 5 months trước

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