Lily’s Garden MOD APK 2.69.0 (Unlimited Coins/Stars/Missiles)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Coins/Stars/Missiles
Capacity 150MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.69.0

Lily’s Garden mod is a beautiful and playful puzzle projection game. It brings you ideal relaxing moments with decorating, gardening, solving puzzles and uncovering mysteries. Don’t hesitate to get involved and immerse yourself in a series of cool things to do every day. Familiar yet challenging match-3 puzzles will help test your puzzle-solving ability. After each puzzle, we will receive cool rewards to strengthen the lily’s garden and help it return to its former majestic beauty. In addition, many new objects will appear after a period of time when you level up, revealing new mysteries to learn. It is most likely a matter of love, friendship and more between Lily and her close friends. Make a decision to choose where these relationships will go.

Download Lily’s Garden MOD APK – a natural and relaxing puzzle style

It is no coincidence that Lily’s Garden has attracted more than 50 million users to download it from Google Play. It is arguably the most eye-catching puzzle game on mobile phones to date. In this game, you can indulge in hours of super fun and comfortable entertainment. Even though the series of things to do is endless, the game’s rhythm is quite gentle so you always feel at peace. Just click, swipe and manipulate the phone screen to play. Therefore, everyone is more likely to approach the game from the beginning. In addition, it is built with attractive images, providing a space filled with energy. Don’t hesitate to join it today, the game is available to download here for android mobile.

Revive the garden by solving puzzles

The events of the game revolve around Lily’s life. She just left her lover and encountered many complications after this problem. However, fortunately, she was proposed by her aunt to become the sole successor of the garden and the abandoned villa. She has to complete this mission in the next month, and it seems she needs your support. Join her in her days at the fairy garden and find a way to make it as glorious as before. You can start from outside the gate, then go to the garden, lobby area, and inside the house. And also, if you don’t  know what to do next then follow the instructions from the npcs in the game.

To revive the garden, you must have essential decoration items and bonuses. To get these, we will need to complete the puzzles that the game presents. Explore colorful puzzle boards. Just swipe on the screen to match at least 3 identical items in a horizontal or vertical row to make them explode and win points. However, keep an eye on the claims at each level. It can be limited traffic, claim points and more. Master the rules and play the puzzle your way to pass every level. Winning will save you money and unlock lots of awesome decorations.

Unlock new information every day

By overcoming puzzles in Lily’s Garden, you can unlock many new items. They are very beneficial for rebuilding your dream garden. You can use bonus money to refurbish broken items, upgrade a small house in the garden, unlock statues to decorate… In addition, plant new trees, create gardens, bridges, swimming pools, and more. You are also given the right to choose the construction style for the house and transform it into a traditional or modern style as you like. Many unique items are available at the shop, as long as you meet the conditions to get them.

And yet, other information is also slowly revealed during your adventurous journey in the world of lily. Many new objects will arise along with unique events. They are more likely to be neighboring members of the lily and have prominent connections to her. Even, she is more likely to marry someone, find happiness or have to deal with pain. Help Lily uncover all the things kept secret in her own garden. And you will become the person who chooses how to deal with problems that arise.

Colorful and realistic 3D images

The game will make its mark on you with its high-quality visual base. It is built with 3D visual value, bringing sharpness and clarity on the screen. The upgraded backyard view is always filled with colorful varieties with old trees, bridges, chairs, swimming pools, and colorful flowers. Not only that, the scenery inside the house is also super diverse and you can unleash your creativity with your own construction ideas. The subject’s photo is depicted in cartoon form, creating an essential intimacy and friendliness. Notably, the music will always accompany you throughout the puzzle adventure process.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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