Lonely Survivor MOD APK 1.28.0 (Menu, God Mode, Dame x20, Add Gold/Exp Power, Instant Kill)

MOD Menu, God Mode, Dame x20, Add Gold/Exp Power, Instant Kill
Capacity 290MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.28.0

A survivor has the ability to get a total of assuming getting into the battle of Lonely Survivor Mod. Something that seemed impossible when one person faced hundreds of thousands of enemies from everywhere. However, all are likely when your courage has reached a new limit. it’s an uncontrolled transformation of a weapon. This will be the weapon that redeems your soul and gives tens of millions of people certainty in their struggles. Didn’t know everyone could be saved by this hero. That will become the big question mark affected by much on the draw people get.

Constant struggle is what is happening slowly in lonely survivor. The style of play is built with a lot of good functions. It creates a must-have ease for people to automatically feel and feel. There are also many other things that help us develop abundant energy. The game will be more about control and technology than the speed of individual reactions. That helps everyone to be able to calmly handle difficult situations. However, it is also a big challenge when we get into the more difficult parts to be crafted.

Download Lonely Survivor Mod APK – Extremely attractive fighting game to destroy everything on mobile

A lone warrior is facing an invasion of the highest empire. However, he will never be afraid because he has friends to fuel this battle. stand alone among many soldiers and destroy them quickly. You just need to control so that the hero has the ability to move anywhere. Will attack randomly approaching enemies. Every time you wipe out an enemy, everyone gets a large amount of experience. Thus assisting the hero is leveled up and choosing to refinish or unlock a new skill. Massive relief in the field of resistance with the next major attack the enemy has.

Upgrade – Choose the right skill

Industrial innovation is one of those things you need to learn on your own if you ever want to go a step further. Everyone will receive this priority from the time they are leveled up in a level. Each level is three random decisions that are likely to give you the edge. The total includes attack effects, ability to ensure safety or increase damage. For example, if you choose the right direction to move, your hero will fix an abundant energy source. But assuming you can’t choose what’s essential, it would be a waste to admit talent. Therefore, everyone needs to carefully read the annotations in each capacity and then confirm the choice. Sweep the enemy with the help of these delights.

Equipment is extremely diverse

Speaking of preparation is really about the abundant and sustained energy of a heroic individual. Based on the class of objects we choose, they may have their own valid preparatory model. A complete development kit with armor, weapons, boots, armour, and rings…etc. Used to invest in a few clear stats to give the hero more advantages. Prominent is the stronger the equipment if it possesses the higher rarity. The record low will become the white outfit and the strongest is the red giant. You can hunt them down around shop rotations or major events that the game distributes. not to mention the many possibilities of fighting bosses to determine these meaningful things.

Thousands of types of monsters

The boss is a big obstacle when everyone reaches the key stages of the trip. Each boss will guard a part of their area and rule with a lot of energy. Fighting them should have enough combat power to survive with certainty. Be careful with the skills that these bosses are capable of. Win and get the best items ever in lonely survivor mod.

What features does this Lonely Survivor Mod have?


  • Menus,
  • Immortal,
  • Dame x20,
  • More Gold/Exp Power,
  • Instant Kill


  • Not update

Note: Need to delete the original Lonely Survivor before downloading the MOD



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

Share by: Kẻ Vô Danh

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