Magical Girls Idle MOD APK 1.7.0 (One Hit, Dumb Bot)

MOD One Hit, Dumb Bot
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Version 1.2.3

Magical Girls Idle is a game that brings everyone the excitement of magic. Something you should use to create the most magical things for these five continents. In fact, everyone is likely to have a collection of the most resilient young women banded together on a journey. Go to the new world where violent forces are destroying it. Control all the bad things that are about to happen and complete your mission. An adventure that can make you realize your many talents and abilities. See plans and extremely strong growth. Everyone has a quality that cannot be evaluated by physical appearance.
When the real world is too boring, you can find another place to entertain yourself. Get away from the noise and unhealthy work around you to get to the wonderful things. In other words, when you are in Magical Girls Idle it will be like a completely different space altogether. Where you team up with delicate young women to do amazing things. With a strategic playing style, everyone’s thoughts will be used thoroughly to bring victory and achieve the most worthy results and rewards. Practice as much as you can for the goals you should have yourself. That alone will make everyone ponder as diligently as a genius.

Download Magical Girls Idle MOD – explore five vast magical continents

In these five continents, we will meet a lady who likes magic named rain. She had been cursed by a northern witch with a strangely draining spell. To solve these strange seals, you should gather a team to rescue those young women. Join the main character in a story to restore yourself. However, everyone should be careful with all the enemies in front of them. They are very dangerous and risky and can knock anyone down at any time. Therefore, you need to fight with your teammates to have an easier chance of winning. Help them complete the most difficult tasks and receive great gifts.

Accompanying individuals

This game gives you really valuable combo members. They really have many hidden abilities to help people achieve their own desires. Help unseal this hot magic. These are powerful witches who are able to control magic at their will. The magic they possess is created by a dense mixture of different elements. From there, people who were able to master these elements were established. Their powers are commensurate with their effects on the team. For example, someone will be more inclined to fight and attack. There are individuals who easily sponsor and create good effects for their comrades.

Defeat enemies

Monsters that get in people’s way have been set up in many jobs. Therefore your journey will identify too many different species. Like witches, it possesses its own ways of fighting. They also have elements that can create more unique structures than usual. For example, there are fire-type monsters that have the ability to breathe fire.Ice monsters have the ability to freeze members of your team. Even the massive monsters at the end of the level are waiting. They are actually the bosses who rule the place and are looking forward to meeting you in an inconclusive battle.

Items and equipment

When it comes to increasing strong forces, we cannot forget the good preparations for witches. They must have weapons appropriate to their effectiveness in the struggle. You are likely to find staffs divided into rarity levels. For weapons with great rarity, they can stand out from the crowd. There are even a few additional attributes so that the object can not be wasted. These things are thorough enough for you to be able to recognize and choose to prepare. Not only that, there will also be armor sets that can add very good defense numbers. These indicators will help you win against the enemy.

A great journey will create great people. Everyone will go through the whole thing to find a worthy ending. Also, bring your team to compete with other battle teams. compete for abundant energy to see who will become the more perfect manager. You can’t deny me personally thanks to my consistent wins. Download Magical Girls Idle MOD and enjoy the joy of victory!



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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