Miga Town: My World 1.68 MOD APK (Unlocked All areas on the map)

MOD Unlocked All areas on the map
Capacity 350MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.68

Miga Town: My World is a place for you to freely create your own city. There are full amenities, entertainment areas, housing, schools and more… Let’s explore with us how attractive Miga Town: My World is!

Miga Town: My World – Build your own adorable city

Start the game with cute images, diverse characters and many available models for you to choose from. If you don’t like it, you can create your own. This is considered the first step, after creating a character, you need to build buildings first, then go to other areas. Don’t worry because detailed instructions will be given.

The most favorite and chosen characters in Miga world, for example, transform into a Doctor, Nurse, Teacher or an owner of a certain chain of stores.

Decorate your own home – Miga Town: My World

There are many ages when playing Miga World, so the characters here will also have many different appearances from old to young children, the same goes for furniture to decorate the house.

Explore and build the world

First, users explore a new world, then create or develop their own style through different trading branches. Creating five continents is mostly through mini-games or intermediary communication with counters, and you have the ability to change or rebuild the counters to your own style. Many new shops or businesses will arise based on your development and make the world come alive or have the opportunity to develop for a longer term.

Cook food and more

Cooking is a useful, popular topic and a great source of entertainment for users to creatively create delicious dishes or delicious sweets. Besides, you can open restaurants around the world, create a salary and then continuously increase or renew to attract more customers. The excitement is endless and it’s up to you to explore new food backgrounds and develop new flavors.

Open chain stores

Convenient counters are suitable places for people to shop or search for things that are beneficial to themselves through a large shopping chain. Therefore, the game will introduce a platform to create diverse and in-depth stores to open up new opportunities to develop and resell for users through basic knowledge. Many convenience stores will open in different places in the city and you can change them or buy products as a distraction while eating.

Transform into a Doctor

Not just in creating a counter, you can become more advanced personnel, such as creating a dentist and managing a small medical center helping people in the city. Many mini games in the small, intimate medical center provide essential knowledge to treat illnesses or health problems. You also have the ability to upgrade the medical center, buy new equipment and talk to patients to promote people’s spirit towards the medical facility. The more we keep an eye on patients, the more sympathy we will receive and the betterment of the medical facility.

Make new friends and open parties

Developing relationships or making friends will help you find joy or organize the most outrageous parties to level up your friendship. Making friends will make your experience or event less lonely and also provide the outstanding ability to go deeper into the growth process. If the number of friends increases, the game will unlock more new information for you to create the busiest and most attractive parties.

Present your home beautifully

Home remodeling is at the same time a pleasant information for you to have a wide and deep choice, compatible with many architectural civilizations. This gives you more options to build a house that suits you and amend the land law in a unique way to make an impression on the few friends who come to the party. You will also have to unlock or buy new home decorations in the near future and steadily increase the value of the house through innovative renovations.

Download Miga World now to experience this great game.

What are the features in this version?

  • MOD unlocks all paid areas


Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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