Mr Autofire MOD APK 2.9.1 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, God Mode, Onehit)

MOD MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, God Mode, Onehit
Capacity 180MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.9.1

Mr Autofire is a very popular game. From there, a series of things to do according to the story will be suggested to challenge your abilities. This place around the world is being destroyed by monsters. What the monsters aim for is to be able to rule over humanity. You are the last hope of liberation in the five continents. As a defender, someone is provided with a big gun. Forced to participate in brutal battles to destroy the enemy. Approved joystick-style virtual control solution platform. This is a quite familiar function for adjustment and travel. In parallel, you need to pair with the jump sequence displayed as an icon.

Download Mr Autofire MOD – Fight against monsters to protect the world

Explore the game’s beautiful environment after a few shooting battles. Clear and rich image values will increase the enjoyment during gameplay. Build images of objects accurately, with responsive movement. Not to mention the monsters are built in many unique shapes. It’s also fun when the attack effect is shown again. Besides graphics, it is also impossible not to mention the sound sequence. Based on each action that occurs, the sound will change to suit each different episode of the match.

Work is assigned by level

Do global defense missions through many level battles. Based on the scene playing style, along with shooting. Play as a target to begin your journey to resist the monsters. Combine the platform with agile driving solutions to navigate and avoid enemies. And exceptions to the targets in the most recent framework. Shoot down each monster sequentially until all are wiped out. Keep going to reach the vortex of space at the end. From there, the assigned work will be completed to continue the assigned mission.

The reward received in each battle is silver coins. However, the amount earned will depend on the monsters you eliminate. While fighting, rewards will fall out at any time and you need to get closer to receive them. Over time, the wars will gradually accumulate a large amount of silver coins. From there, it is available for unlocking and trading tasks.

Explore many environments

Experience the battles against monsters at Mr. Autofire. According to each level that occurs, when the time comes, it will definitely be unlocked. Starting from the huge old forest. Gradually there is the possibility of adventure in desert environments, icy snow and ice, maritime, bakery and workshop environments. In each environment is an area projected with uneven landscape. Expressed through climatic conditions and surrounding circumstances. Outstanding terrain in each area will be complicated and difficult to build.

Resist many monsters and bosses

Each time come to the next level to do the task of resisting formidable monsters. There are likely to be many variations to shape the more difficult challenges. In addition to the change in terrain, there was the presence of enemies. Not only do they increase in volume larger than before. And there are many monsters with more outstanding abilities. The differences between them will be shown by the amount of health, attack style and size. Even when the time comes, you still have to confront the boss. That will cause you to encounter many obstacles in the process of fighting. If spread out, even forced to die. It also means that the assigned work is not successful and has to start over, which will take a lot longer.

Win against monsters in Mr Autofire. From the time you complete the assigned task at a certain level, you will definitely unlock new abilities. There are many different possibilities for you to decide. Such as increasing movement speed, improving defense ability, adjusting the amount of bullets fired straight, vertical and even better. But actually, every time we recognize the technology, the chain will randomly reveal three types of differences. Depending on the context and your abilities. At the present time, it is necessary to choose appropriate capacity to be effective. Not only that, when a certain moment comes, you can still meet npc objects. At the present time, it is possible to decide whether to restore lost health or increase the maximum health value.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 5 months trước

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