MX Player MOD APK 1.80.8 (Pro Unlocked)

MX Player MOD APK 1.80.8 (Pro Unlocked)

MOD Pro Unlocked
Capacity 61MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.80.8

Are you in need of the best video player to enjoy movies anytime and anywhere? mx player is a use that you should not abandon. This application will support video signal playback with many outstanding functions, such as hardware acceleration, output adjustment, video value by multi-core resolution method, video zoom consensus, subtitle support and many more interesting things. So, you can most likely use it as an external video player for some of the best movie viewing applications. It provides more complete video value and can be easily customized. Additionally, you can use child lock to control children’s video viewing experience.

Download MX Player MOD – video player with many useful functions

Watching videos on mobile has become very popular now. However, the video value on this product cannot be compared to when reading on devices with large screens and high screen resolution. Mx Player MOD was released to handle this problem. It possesses many outstanding features to change video values, acceleration and flexibility for actions. At the same time, it provides advanced subtitles, making it easier for you to enjoy videos.

Outstanding functions

This is what makes the difference between using Vietnamese mx player compared to normal video players.
Hardware acceleration and multi-core processing: this application provides a new hardware explorer, thereby allowing multiple videos to be accelerated simultaneously. When hardware is accelerated, image and sound quality improve a lot. Therefore, it provides a more complete experience of watching videos compared to when you watch on normal movie viewing applications. Furthermore, it is also the first video player to support multi-core discovery. This function increases working capacity up to 70%. In other words, videos played on this app load faster. Commands have been executed faster and more sensitively.

Prompt customization options: you can have many easy processing actions for videos on this app. Obviously, you can easily enlarge or shrink the video, move the video, increase/decrease brightness and volume, etc. Notably, you only need a few basic movements to do this. For example, simply swipe up or down on the left side of the screen to increase/decrease brightness; Swipe up or down to increase/minimize volume; swipe left/right to move to video location; Use your fingers to zoom in or out on the video.
Subtitle support: mx player provides subtitles for videos in many different languages. The most familiar languages can be listed such as English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, etc. In addition, you are allowed to scroll forward/backward, up/down, zoom in/out depending on the subtitles. like.
Control children’s movements: controlling children’s behavior on mobile is not simple. However, using this allows you to use a child lock. This function blocks screen influences from executing commands comfortably. Therefore, the video viewing process becomes cyclical because there is no action that affects the video playback player.

Agree access

To run stably on mobile, use will require you to agree to certain access rights. Obviously :
Permission to pair with bluetooth: allows you to watch videos with headphones or bluetooth speakers for better sound quality.
Permission to disable screen lock and vibration control: ensures video viewing process is not interrupted by other tasks.
Application drawing permission: helps to pass key presses on the screen to play video.

Manage and control MX Player

Your testing process with this use will be more error-free than when properly arranged and administered. Therefore, you need to not waste folders here to create a list of cinematic products by topic. Obviously, you can create movie folders based on animation, science and fiction, action, comedy, etc. Or you need to add another folder containing music videos or any other type of video. . When downloading any video, just add it to the appropriate folder. Thereby, you can quickly search and access videos.

What does the pro version have?

With the pro version, using this gives you more advanced features. In particular, you can enjoy the video player anytime without any ads. Furthermore, using it will delete some subtitles in many languages that do not need to be there. You are allowed to remove the subtitles in the language you want. Thereby, the capacity of this application will be significantly reduced, helping the machine free up memory capacity. Enjoy these pro functions by downloading it at the link in this information.

Don’t wait to download MX Player Vietnamese Language if you want to watch videos continuously on your phone. Using this will help your relaxation become smoother, faster and more methodical after a while. Now you have the ability to watch videos with more advanced features and dozens of subtitles to help. In addition, after a while, watching videos is not interrupted by unrelated gestures.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 month trước

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